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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Give 'em Harry, Marco

Marco Rubio is making sense as he runs for president. From National Review:
In remarks Wednesday before the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City, excerpts of which were provided to National Review, Rubio will propose resisting “efforts by large powers to subjugate their smaller neighbors” and advancing “the rights of the vulnerable, including women and the religious minorities that are so often persecuted.” Like Truman, Rubio will urge the renewed expansion of American power in explicitly moral terms: The United States, he will say, is a global leader “not just because it has superior arms, but because it has superior aims.” It’s a rebuke not just of the American retreat from Iraq and Afghanistan overseen by President Obama, but also of Bill Clinton’s emphasis on domestic affairs over foreign engagement during his two terms in office. 
Harry Truman stood for Israel and protected South Korea from a Chinese invasion.

However, in 2002, Rubio told the Miami Herald, “I hope no one thinks we’re Captain America saving the world.”

Eliana Johnson is the Washington editor of National Review also observed: "As a presidential candidate, that’s precisely the position Rubio is adopting. And, after six years of what many Republicans think have been filled with humiliation and retreat on the global stage, the education of Marco Rubio comes as a happy relief."

Yep, in 12 years he has learned a lot.

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  1. He protected South Korea from a North Korean invasion, not a South Korean invasion (North Korean control would have been even worse than Chinese control, as the facts today show).

    The Chinese supported the North Korean government, but they didn't try to take over North Korea (or South Korea). The war started after North Korea invaded South Korea. Then the UN and America (mostly) helped South Korea fight North Korea out of the South. After the South took control of the South, then the US/UN invaded the North and almost won the whole of Korea before China intervened to push the US/UN out of the North.