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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cruz speaks out against Christian persecution -- in the USA

I am beginning to warm up to Ted Cruz. In an exclusive interview by Jon Richardson at Peach Pundit, the Republican senator talked about a couple in Iowa who owned a historic church. After the federal judiciary passed a law making gay marriage legal -- Constitution be damned -- the couple had to stop holding weddings there.

And then Senator Cruz said:
What’s odd about this issue is that there’s a liberal fascism, an intolerance. Some of the Christians who have been persecuted have been florists or bakers who were asked to provide their services for a gay wedding that contradicted their faith, and so they declined. They are being persecuted and fined and threatened with legal action.
None of us have a right to demand of another that they embrace our lifestyle. Imagine for example a gay florist who was asked to provide flowers for the wedding of two fundamentalist Christians. Now if that florist decided, “this is contrary to my beliefs, and I’m not going to support this Christian marriage,” that florist has the right to do that. We are a free country, and there is no power of government to demand that the faith and individual conscience of citizens be crushed under the jackboot of government.
That’s what’s at issue here, and when it comes to issues of religious liberty, with the people, religious liberty is a powerfully unifying issue.
America is the largest Christian nation in the world. And yet the Christian majority is intimidated by an increasingly atheistic government. The Church has a long history of being banned by dictators, most recently Mao and Stalin -- who between them killed 250 million of their own people.

We need people to speak out.Carry on, Ted. let's see what else you have.


  1. I think Ted can update his speech with more examples. For example, Freedom From Religion wants an Air Force major general court-martialed because he gave a speech thanking God.

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