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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Amherst sued for expelling an innocent man

Hey Amherst, the presumption of innocence is non-negotiable. I love how you kicked a student out in his senior year after a woman accused him of raping her two years earlier. No trial. No prosecution. Nothing.

Well now you are going to pay. The  victim of your Witch Trial is suing.

From the Boston Globe:
A former Amherst College student has filed a lawsuit claiming he was falsely accused of rape, not given a fair investigation by college officials, and denied justice, even after he presented the college with text messages he said indicated he was innocent.
The lawsuit, filed Friday in US District Court in Boston, names the prestigious Western Massachusetts institution as a defendant, as well as a number of college officials. The plaintiff’s name is listed only as “John Doe.”
In the fall of his senior year, the suit alleges, he was falsely accused in October 2013 of having committed rape when he was a sophomore in February 2012.
Doe was expelled from the college in December 2013.
“In the just six weeks from the date the complaint was filed against him, the plaintiff found himself held guilty of assault, expelled from the College, ejected from the campus and branded a sex offender, with his entire future in ruins,” the lawsuit said.
I hope he winds up owning Amherst. Too bad he cannot fire everyone at that fascist institution.


  1. Looks to me like John is a troll. "porntube" is a rally big clue.

    1. Yep, been a while since I had to deal with spam. Lemme eradicate him

  2. Don. You should point out in future that these suits remove the cloak of anonymity that the universities and the MSM give them.