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Sunday, April 26, 2015

To CNN, being Republican is as ridiculous as changing sexes

As Austin Powers might say, Bruce Jenner is a Republican, baby.

And CNN thinks that is just weird. Changing sexes is mainstream, but being a Republican? Unimaginable.

From CNN:
Bruce Jenner comes out ... as a Republican
Bruce Jenner didn't just come out as a transgender woman Friday night — he also came out as a Republican.

Why would being a Republican be as odd as undergoing expensive and unnecessary surgery and hormone treatments on an attempt to prove God "wrong"?

Is it because no one in the CNN newsroom is Republican?

Is it because not only does no one in the CNN newsroom a Republican, but they have no friends who are Republicans?

Given its decades of mistreating Republican candidates and officeholders while covering up and excusing blatant sexism and racism by Democrats -- of "correcting" Republicans when in fact the Republican was right -- no Republican should ever go on CNN. It's not worth it. TV Land gets bigger audiences.


  1. True! Republicans, if they were actually interested in presenting the conservative alternatives, would NEVER go on CNN, ABC, NBC, etc. But I suspect most Republicans today are simply Democrats ... the Lite versions. >:(

  2. TV Land has better programming.