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Friday, April 24, 2015

Scoreboard for 4-24-2015

This started out as a scoreboard for the 2008 presidential election. Today I will begin with a few observations on the 2016 presidential race.

1. The biggest winner from the revelation that Hillary prostituted herself as Secretary of State is Martin O'Malley, whom Democratic moderates are rallying behind.

By moderate, I mean socialists. Everyone else is an anti-American communist and friend of terrorists.


2. Elizabeth Warren who made $400,000 a year after faking an Indian heritage and landing a job at Harvard continues to bitch about student loan burdens.

Here's a thought: Eliminate tuition by capping college pay at $100,000 a year and dipping into that $35,000,000,000 untaxed endowment at Harvard.


3. Marco Rubio says he's not the leading Republican candidate.

That means he is the leading Republican candidate.


4. Scott Walker staked out the American-jobs-for-Americans position on illegal immigration.

Then he called for more visa approvals. Hey, he didn't say anything about making more Americans for American jobs.


5. Rick Perry took tough questions in New Hampshire from a voter, who asked what he will do about candidates collecting corporate.

He said it is already illegal.


6. Rand Paul didn't sound like Ron Paul this week.

He ain't going to win,


7. Jeb Bush came out for illegal immigration.

Kind of fun watching an Anglo with deep New England WASP roots trying to out-Hispanic the Hispanic candidates in the race.


8. The two gay hoteliers whose duplex on Central Park was the site of a small dinner this week with Senator Ted Cruz are facing boycott threats to their properties.

Gay rights is a lie! Liberals will exterminate any gay who dares to think for himself.


9. Top Down Day?



From the blog:

10. Twinkies prove the system works. GOOD.

11. Reporters as corrupt as the White House they cover. EVIL.

Final score: GOOD 7, EVIL 4.

Wrapping up the book, folks. Release could come as early as next Friday.


  1. 5. Rick Perry took tough questions in New Hampshire from a voter, who asked what he will do about candidates collecting corporate. Corporate what??????????

    8. APOSTATES! Behead them!

  2. 1. Well O'Malley does have one major accomplishment to his credit - he got a Republican elected governor in a state that's 60% Dem.

    Oh wait, I forgot his other accomplishment - he led the fight for, and subsequently signed into law, the Rain Tax, which I am not making up. This achievement was a big boost towards getting that Republican elected governor.