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Monday, April 27, 2015

Readers own the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

In a self-important editorial on Sunday (when newspapers think they have the greatest impact), the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel called for Republican Governor Scott Walker and Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett to hold a summit on gun crime.

In comments, readers rejected this nonsense:

"Do you know what summits, focus groups, vigils, marches, and protests will do to decrease the black on black crime in Milwaukee? Not a damn thing."

"Yep, Walker and Barrett have to do this. The poor, ignorant people of Milwaukee's inner city are just not capable of doing anything about this problem. That is the JS editorial stance. The elites on the editorial board have such a low opinion of minority residents of Milwaukee, and such a lofty opinion of themselves for knowing what's right for those poor souls, they again to trot out this drivel. This is not the soft bigotry of low expectations. It is beyond that. Shame."

"Guns do not kill people. Bad, lawless people kill people. The Mayor must have a summit with the black residents of Milwaukee and get them to clean their houses up. SOMEONE has to get them to live in a civil world. Blacks killing blacks is the problem in Milwaukee. Wake up Barrett & Flynn."

"Yes...just what we need...another summit. How about getting the black community together and have them work to rid their community of people that shoot each other."

"Yes, Pollyanna, we'll have a feel good summit with everyone you mentioned, followed by a candlelight vigil and a rousing chorus of kumbaya. Yeah, that'll do it. Then Barrett and Flynn and the Milwaukee liberals can blame the Republicans, the NRA, the gun, and everything else other than the real problem. Let me know how that works for you."

Meanwhile, in Baltimore, black rioters are tearing up the city because a career criminal died in police custody.

White people cannot say this but half the violent crime in America comes from a race that represents 13% of the people.

That's unacceptable -- and yet we do for fear of telling the truth and being called rayyyyyyyyyycist.

I no longer care. I tell the truth.


  1. MJS left out the county sheriff (see )

  2. Obama's legacy. Burn, Baltimore, burn. Another chocolate city goes up in flames.

  3. hate to say it but dude, it's way more than 50% of violent crime by 13% of the population.

    It's more like 80% of violent crime by 13% of the population.

    If you take away black on black crime in major cities, statistically the USA is at the TOP of peaceful nations on the Earth.