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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Put Brian Williams back on

So he told a fib about the time he was in during the war? He embellished. The key is Brian Williams was in Iraq during the war. Working for NBC. As far as I can tell, none of his critics were there. Put him back on the air.

I live in a nation where we kept a proven perjurer on the payroll as president -- who lied in a sexual harassment lawsuit -- and we cannot let Brian Williams slide?

Come on.

Even Roger Ailes, whose network Brian Williams would not give the time of day, said the suspension is silly.
"I think Brian's a talent who made a dumb-ass error. When you spend your life around CEOs and generals and presidents, you can start to feel less than, particularly if you don't have a college education, you never joined the service. And so you get tempted to do something stupid. So I think he can admit that and say, 'I screwed up.' And most people are willing to forgive. I'm a great believer in giving people a chance. If you haven't actually killed someone or done something that's irreparable, then it's a matter of going on a little journey and never ever doing anything like that again."
You back your talent. Got that?

Brian Williams may be coming back. From the New York Daily News:
BC News chief Andrew Lack is looking for a way to put Brian Williams back behind the "Nightly News" desk, sources tell the Daily News — and Williams has told confidants he won't leave the network unless he's fired.
"Andy believes viewers want him (Williams) back," the source said. "The feeling is that (Williams') problem seems to be more with the media and other reporters than his viewers — if Andy can figure out a way to get him back on the air he will do it."
Lack, a long-time Williams pal, returned to NBC in early March, and as chairman of NBC News will have the final say over the anchor's fate. He and Williams go back a long way — he served as the president of the news division from 1993 to 2003 and had a hand at positioning Williams for the "Nightly News" position in the first place.
NBC is looking silly. The way to get past it is to put him on the air. The May sweeps should be a disaster for them for suspending h.


  1. NOPE, he's gone and it should stay that way.

  2. No opinion. Don't care. Haven't watched network news in years,

  3. Brian W. is a serial liar. But I love it when the Libs fight with each other over "ethics" and "honesty" since they believe in none of that. Heck, the esteemed Walter Cronkite was an out-an-out liar every day he sat in the big chair reciting the "news" from the Liberal anti-war viewpoint. The problem for NBC here is one of public relations and appearances. Does it matter? Nah, not really. These days, who trusts the MSM TV network news to offer the truth? Nobody. Brian's paid well to do whatever it is the Democratic Party wants him to do, so he gets no sympathy from me. He and NBC can suffer the embarrassment of their hypocrisy till the cows come home. Bring it on.

  4. Meanwhile MSDNC still has a racist, anti-Semite, and homophobe in Al Tawana Brawley Crown Heights Riots Freddie's Fashion Mart Arson Greek Homos Sharpton on the air. There is a man far worse than Brian Williams.

  5. wjc lowered the bar and we have to accept that from everyone now? That opens the door for all the demo crooks and liars to run through. We need to re-establish standards.

  6. wjc lowered the bar and we have to accept that from everyone now? That opens the door for all the demo crooks and liars to run through. We need to re-establish standards.

  7. Let he who hasn't added a little flair to his/her story cast the first stone. Brian Williams went to the war zone....where were the critics?? Probably sitting in their easy chair doing what they do best "bitching and complaining". Everyone's got a fish story he still brought the information to the public correctly. He has a script that I'm sure was reviewed before it was aired. I won't watch anything with NBC in the title until he is back!