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Friday, April 03, 2015

Obama got what he wanted: Nukes in Iran

This is the presidency Bill Ayers always wanted. Takeover of America's health system? Check. Race war? Check. Neuter the military? Check. Anti-Israeli? Check. Embrace enemies? Check, check, check, check, check.

President Obama does not read much. Never has. But today he is amusing himself by reading the criticisms of his Iranian non-deal deal.

He got what he wants: A bomb for Iran. The radical orthodoxy holds that the United States is the least worthy nation on Earth. Ayers, Obama and company hold that the United States is not the world's policeman but rather the world's criminal. The United States must give up its weaponry through unilateral disarmament, while allowing nuclear proliferation elsewhere. The United States must repent and convert to the religion of communism.

Nuclear equality.

Iran is merely the next country Obama wants to reward for its anti-Americanism.

As a bonus, a Democratic donor will get the rights to sell Iranian oil, as Clinton donor and Eric Holder supporter Marc Rich did. Obama golfed with Halliburton officials last weekend.

I fully except that in his post-presidency, Obama will become a billionaire. Not bad for a communist. You think Stalin died poor?

He is already working on the post-presidency. A home for Michelle, and several for himself. He may not like Bill Clinton, but he will emulate him and surpass him in aristocratic mooching.

The Iranian non-deal deal is a stinker. How do we know this? Because this is what John Kerry said, “Those people who criticize it like that, they don't have an alternative."

Those were the exact same words he used to defend Obamacare. In both cases, doing nothing would be better than doing what the Democratic Party did. In both cases, Democrats bank on the public gradually accepting the unacceptable.

The full quote from Secretary Kerry: “This is the most extreme and intrusive inspection structure of an arms control agreement. We have entirely new mechanisms to be able to gain access, to be able to inspect, to hold accountable what is happening in the years ahead. Those people who criticize it like that, they don't have an alternative."

So who is celebrating with the Democratic Party? From the BBC: "Iranians have been celebrating after world powers and Iran announced they had agreed the political framework for a comprehensive nuclear deal that will end years of crippling sanctions."

The Washington Post editorial board is on board: "Both Mr. Obama and Secretary of State John F. Kerry emphasized that many details need to be worked out in talks with Iran between now and the end of June. During that time, the administration will have much other work to do: It must convince Mideast allies that Iran is not being empowered to become the region’s hegemon, and it must accommodate Congress’s legitimate prerogative to review the accord. We hope Mr. Obama will make as much effort to engage in good faith with skeptical allies and domestic critics as he has with the Iranian regime."

On Obama's watch, North Korea added nukes, Iran will add nukes, Putin continued re-assembling the Soviet Union, pro-American governments were overthrown in Egypt and elsewhere, and Islamic terrorists took over nation after nation, slaughtering thousands of Christians in their wake.

Next stop: Cuba!

Bill Ayers knew what he was doing 20 years ago when he hosted Barack Obama's first fund-raiser, and in retirement Jeremiah Wright smiles as he prepares to enjoy the dismantling of Israel.


  1. I never thought I would see the day when we would have a president committing treason. The Dimocrat Party wanted us to lose the Cold War. They failed. But they came back and now they're getting their revenge by destroying the country. What happened to the country that I grew up in? Meanwhile, the Stupid Party is sitting on their butts doing nothing. Vote Republican. They'll fix everything. You're right Don. We need a third party. When the leaders of the Stupid Party brag about defeating the Tea Party it's long past the time for them to go.

  2. Problem is, we can't afford a 3rd party that allows the Dems to win one more time..

  3. So we now know for certain what Obama's foreign policy is: it's capitulation. I'm guessing that right about now the next step that leads to the destruction of Israel is being planned in the Oval Office. Having brought the sycophantic media on board with the lie that this agreement is good for the West, Obama no longer feels he has to be concerned with the US using its Security Council veto to shield Israel from the actions of the anti-Semites in the UN. His next step will be to abandon a long-time ally. He is, in effect, daring Israel to act on its own to undermine the agreement he has made with the devil. Against this background, would Netanyahu dare to attack Iran's nuclear sites preemptively? Probably not. All Bibi can do now is to await the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

    One question I have is, how is Obama planning to peddle this sell-out of the West and of Israel to the liberal American Jews who have supported him from the start? He still needs to raise a ton of money for his library. Has he decided to take the risk they will turn against him and not donate the millions of dollars he still needs to raise for that monument to his ego?