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Saturday, April 18, 2015

No to transgender "rights"

After years of being fine with transgendering, I have come to the conclusion that nope, boys should be boys and girls should be girls. "Lola" and "Take A Walk On The Wild Side" have a good beat and you can dance to them, but they support an evil lifestyle.

I offer as proof Richard Speck, Robert Kosilek, and Bradley Edward Manning. These are three monsters -- a serial killer, a wife strangler, and a turncoat traitor -- who wanted to be girls so they can have more fun in prison.

But the real danger, as Robert Stacy McCain pointed out, is the transgender rights movement allows violent sex offenders to bury their past once they are out of prison by claiming they are women.

The issue is so important that it has Mister McCain in agreement with feminists who want to block people from changing their sexual identities with a so-called Allison's Law.

Usually such laws are named the victim of a heinous crime. In this case, the law is named for the alias that convicted sex offender Dennis Wayne Woolbert, 51, wants to use as his identity, even to the point of going from male to female on official documents, making it nearly impossible to trace him to his violent sex offenses.

From Robert Stacy McCain:
Allison Woolbert is, in fact, Dennis Wayne Woolbert, 51, who was convicted in 1992 of repeatedly raping a 14-year-old girl. This female family member was apparently Woolbert’s stepdaughter and, during a period of two months in the summer of 1991, Dennis Woolbert assaulted her “by performing vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, cunnilingus and fellatio,” according to court documents. Woolbert was sentenced to six years in prison for aggravated sexual assault and the court noted “since the defendant is a repetitive sex offender, the risk of further offenses is high.” When Woolbert’s criminal history was exposed in January 2015, feminists at the site Gender Identity Watch called for enactment of “Allison’s Law,” which would prohibit “legal change of sex demarcation and name for rapists and violent offenders.”
The need for “Allison’s Law” was highlighted this week by the Virginia Supreme Court’s decision in the case of Robert Floyd Brown Jr. Brown is a 32-year-old inmate in federal prison in Petersburg, Virginia, who obtained a diagnosis of “gender identity disorder” and sought to change his legal name to Alicia Jade Brown. The trial court had denied this request, but the Virginia Supreme Court overruled the trial court’s decision Thursday, with only one member of the court dissenting from Chief Justice Donald W. Lemons’ ruling. Robert Floyd Brown Jr. is a dangerous sex offender.
Sorry, but there is no right for a male to change his identity to female, or a female to male -- especially a man who rapes a child who trusts him like a parent.

As for Brown, his rape victims were ages 10, 14, and 15. McCain reported: "Brown is suing to try to force federal officials to provide sex-change surgery. Should such dangerous criminals be allowed to legally change their names? Should federal taxpayers be required to pay for 'treatment' enabling fetishists to indulge their perverse fantasies?"

The treatment would make Brown's time in prison easier, either by allowing him to transfer to a women's prison, or become a woman of pleasure in prison. That was what Richard Speck did. He became a boytoy complete with homemade breasts implants. He prostituted himself for booze and drugs in an effort to mentally escape prison.

He methodically killed 8 nurses, remember.

The way you are born is the way you are. Your god may make mistakes, but the real God does not. A society that turns its back on God makes a huge mistake and is doomed.


  1. I wish blogger would remove the sign out button from the same effing position every other blog software put the post button.

    Wanting a sex change is a sign of mental instability. I'm not a believer in god, but he/she/it did not make a mistake. Neither did "mother nature". Got an XX ending to the chromosomes? You are a female. Got XY, then you are a male. All the knife work in the world will not change that. More proof is that those who do this stupid procedure have far, far higher suicide rates. That is not a coincidental statistic. IT is because to begin with it is a sign you are not stable.

  2. Give him eight knuckle anesthesia, then remove them with a chainsaw. Should have been part of his punishment to begin with. Frankly, he should have been executed right after being convicted.