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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Forget gays, it is the religious freedom they hate

Connecticut is boycotting Indiana. New York state, too. Gay athletes plan to protest the NCAA Finals in Indianapolis. Angie's List is upset. Wal-Mart is upset. NASCAR is disappointed. And the Indianapolis Star is demanding the state FIX THIS NOW. Harrumph.

The facts do not matter. Clinton and the Democratic Party passed the same law in 1993? Doesn't matter. Supreme Court upheld the Clinton law? 19 other states passed the same law? Doesn't matter. There is no mention of gay in the law? Doesn't matter.

This is another power grab by the left based on wicked lies. They want to strip away the freedom of religion. Indeed, America's left wants to do what they did in the Soviet Union and get rid of religion altogether.

The government wants to get rid of the church because God is a competitor. He offers salvation and a life after death. The only thing the government sees after death is inheritance taxes.

The reason the media -- including Fox News -- put scary quotes around religious freedom is the media is part and parcel to this charade. Hands Up! Koch Brothers! I Can't Breathe! One In Five Raped!

Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies.

Rare is the reporter who cares about the truth anymore.

This is Saul Alinsky's world. Smear, isolate and ridicule the opposition. Remember "Lord of the Flies"?

That is the world we are in.


If I were gay, I would watch out. Right after the Jews, repressive regimes go after the gay people.

It happens every time.

That's the history of the world.

This explains why President Obama embraces such an anti-gay regime as Iran.

The Saul Alinsky crowd is using gay people like toilet paper. Gays should demand something for their services as human shields more than a damned wedding cake.

Black and Hispanic people come next. If I were black, I would want something better than the likes of Barack Obama as president. I would want crime-free neighborhoods instead of riots and looting every time a police officer must kill some strung-out petty thief.

This post is not meant to discourage anyone from fighting back. Hell yes, we fight back. With facts.

My purpose is merely to point out the broader picture. This is not about gay rights. This is about ending religious freedom.


  1. A couple of thoughts. First, from The Anchoress,

    "What shall we make of the fact that, for the most part, the very same entities who (disputed “rape culture” claims aside) quite rightly insist that a woman should never, ever be forced to engage in acts against her will, have pivoted toward Indiana to demand that “other” people be forced to engage in acts against their wills?

    The other is from Ben Howe.

    This is and always has been about putting people out of business for what they believe.

  2. The Left has no argument, so lies and brute force are their tools.

  3. This is what Secular Humanists are all about. They are going to force everyone into their religion. It is all part of their Manifesto. The second to last point is Communism.

    If Indiana backs down on this, then we can count religious freedom as dead. It won't be long that all our freedoms will die the same way.

  4. "The government wants to get rid of the church because God is a competitor. He offers salvation and a life after death. The only thing the government sees after death is inheritance taxes." With this, you've hit on something I've been saying for a long time. It's the City of Man against the City of God -- Augustinian. The federal government especially draws people who worship government as the only power source and so they are unremittingly hostile to any competing source of power.

  5. If the founding Fathers had thought one individual's right to the "free practice" of sodomy trumped every other individual's right to the "free practice" of religion, the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights would have said that.

  6. This is tyranny of the majority by a very, very small part of the country. I believe that less than 4% of the country identify as LBGT, yet they are making the rules everyone must live by.

    I still like John Stuart Mill's "On Liberty." Individual rights stop when they impose on someone else's rights. Of course with that we wouldn't have taxation as a means of income redistribution. And, we wouldn't have a "welfare rights union."

  7. It's why a friend of mine is in favor of gay marriage. When ISIS rules, it will be so much easier to round them up.
    Sick, but true.