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Saturday, March 28, 2015

What a horrible woman

Vanessa Summers, 56, is everything that is wrong with today's racial politics. She is a Democrat who has been in the Indiana legislature for 24 years.

This week she accused an 18-month-old boy of being a racist.

During a debate on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act -- which surprisingly she opposes -- Vanessa Summers turned on Republican Jud McMillin’s baby boy. She said, "I love his little son, but he’s scared of me because of my color — and that’s horrible."


Maybe he's scared of her because she is a big woman with a loud mouth.

Nope, it turns out he is shy around strangers.

Jud McMillin had to defend his son against her implication that the lad is a member of the Ku Klux Klan. The father said: “If he reacted the same way he reacts with anybody brand new, he buries his head in his dad’s shoulder. Whoever it is, it’s what he does. He’s an 18-month-old kid; he’s in a new environment up here in the place like the Statehouse but doesn’t know anybody. I honestly don’t remember anything out of the ordinary.”

I want to tell Vanessa Summers it is not all about you. White people behave this way toward other white people the same way. His instinct to be wary of strangers and to turn to his father for protection are signs of a normal young child.

After a while, it looks like many black Democrat politicians today are acting like many white Democrats did during segregation when they played racial politics like this. It's embarrassing. Someone needs to take Miss Summers aside and tell her to turn it down a notch.

And please, apologize to the kid. Maybe not in person. He seems kind of shy.


  1. I thought that the children of politicians were supposed to be off-limits.
    Or is it just the children of Democrat politicians.

  2. You are a nicer person than I, Don. She is just a stupid b!tch, and you can't fix stupid.

  3. Just a reminder...the Democratic Party is the Party of the Klan. It doesn't matter what color they are, the race hatred becomes them.

  4. This is similar to the nonsense where some black people assume every bad thing happens to them because of race. Speeding ticket? That's DWB! Nope dummy, that's a ticket for driving faster than the posted limit. Is there racism? Yes. However, amount of white on black racism is miniscule compared to the belief of how much there is in the black community. Blame for that lies with the Sharpton's & Jackson's of the world who turned race agitating into an industry.

  5. "Jud McMillin had to defend her son..." HIS son, and she did say "his son", Don. Now you wail, "Fingers! Why have you betrayed me?", and fix it fast and delete this comment.

  6. Actually, after 6 years of race baiting from the White House, McMillin needs to have that "Derbyshire talk" with his son, for his own good. There are a lot of feral "youths" out there these days, and some of them really don't like melanin-challenged people.

  7. When the only tool you have is a hammer every problem looks like a nail. The left has no meaningful policy to offer, so they whip out the race card ad nauseam.

  8. "I love his little son"

    No she doesn't.

  9. As was said above, it is indeed about race, as is absolutely everything to dems. Her coffee? Racist. Her sugar and cream? Racist! Obama? Racist! Race? Racist! Earth...

  10. Kids pick up on radiating hatred.

  11. I wish his dad had just said "Vanessa, you are a freaking MORON!"