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Thursday, March 26, 2015

The post Brian Beutler wants you to forget

Brian Beutler of New Republic likely does not want you to remember his June 3, 2014, post: "Conservative Critics of the Bergdahl-Taliban Swap Have Some Explaining to Do," which attacked veterans and others who said the Army should investigate the sergeant for desertion.

Nine months later, the Army has done that and has charged Bowe Bergdahl with desertion. But he has the presumption of innocence.

Brian Beutler, not so much. He is guilty of blindly supporting President Obama who traded five dangerous terrorists for one suspected traitor.

From Brian Beutler:
It's difficult to work up sympathy for the conservatives second-guessing the negotiated release of an American POW in Afghanistan, when they and their fellow travelers spent Monday doing things like this and this and this and debating whether Bowe Bergdahl should have been rescued at all on Fox News.
But despite all that, they take tremendous umbrage at the suggestion that their actions provide any insight into their beliefs, and particularly at the suggestion that they think we should've left Bergdahl behind.
They have a point. The term "left behind" carries a permanence to it that I can't justify attributing to anyone who works in or writes about politics for a living (a few thousand conservatives on social media notwithstanding). But unless they expand on their argument, it's the inescapable conclusion of their views.
The emerging conservative position on Bergdahl's release — and the many ways they've articulated it — has fueled the vitriol of abandonment supporters, but amounts to something different and incomplete. Not opposition to his return, per se, but a belief that the trade-offs the United States accepted to secure his release are unsupportable — a determination they've based in large part on an unforgiving examination of his conduct as a soldier.
That's the charitable interpretation.
Two months later, Brian Beutler also was 100% wrong about Ferguson, Missouri, a town allegedly so anti-black racist that two-thirds of its population is black. Couldn't find his I-was-wrong post.

Now he can add Bowe Bergdahl to the list and make a double apology.


  1. "Brian Beutler of New Republic likely does not want you to remember his June 3, 2114, post: " Thy flying fingers hath deceived thee once more, Don, adding 99 years (not Red Balloons).

    Brian Butler don't apologize,because it's we who are at fault, in his opinion, and only his counts. What I said about the NYT applies to the New Republic, as well.

  2. I blame George W Bush.
    And welcome our new ISIS overlords. (Kent Brockman reporting, may Phil Hartman RIP)