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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Scoreboard 3-8-2015

1. Protests begin on police shooting unarmed black teenager in Madison, Wisconsin. This looks like a legitimate complaint. We shall see. Too bad the NAACP cried wolf in Ferguson.

UPDATE: Turns out to be another Michael Brown. It is as if African-American leaders want the right to be a criminal. I am surprised I fell for a false narrative like that. EVIL.

2.  Diane Reynolds, er, “Chelsea Clinton defended her mother and her family’s foundation, which she says has always addressed and answered all concerns over conflicts of interest.” Four more years! Four more years! Four more long, bitter, divisive, lying years! EVIL.

3. South Carolina Democrats’ standing ovation for Martin O’Malley. Democrats begin there Who Not Named Hillary Can We Nominate contest. 2008's winner was Barack Obama. GOOD.

4. Darrell "Issa: Clinton could face criminal charges." New this fall on Fox, "That '90s Show," starring Hillary, Bill and Chelsea as Diane Reynolds. GOOD.

5. Islamic State continues to destroy ancient sites of other religions. Weren't some of these dudes the rebels we armed in Syria? EVIL.

6. Five months after Election Day, the Washington Post discovers that Republican Congressman Will Hurd of Texas is black. I don't care. Do you? GOOD.

7. CNN: "Student leaders at the University of California-Irvine vetoed a resolution on Saturday that would have banned hanging flags of any nation, including America's Stars and Stripes, in the lobby of student government offices, amid widespread criticism from students and alumni."She's a grand old flag, she's a high-flying flag! GOOD.

8. Researchers in Arkansas say dogs may be able to smell thyroid cancer.So that's why Fido keeps humping my leg. GOOD.

9. They found a 150-year-old bottle of wine from Civil War wreckage. It tasted terrible. Guess Ripple doesn't age well. GOOD.

10. Fox: "Where is Flight 370?" Answer: On the bottom of the ocean. (No, CNN, it is not in a black hole. Trust me.) EVIL.

From the blog:

11. "He knew it was fake but he failed to report it." The Charleston Gazette is to journalism what the Clintons are to dignity. EVIL.

12. "Selma 2015, by the numbers." Fifty years later, it is 80% black, and poor. EVIL.

13. "Headline of the day: Oregon abolishes its hopelessly bungled health insurance exchange." Even liberals hate Obamacare. GOOD.

14. "Science is just a 7-letter word." EVIL.

Tie-breaker: Drove with the topdown today. GOOD.

Today's American Vignette: Frederic Goudy, the man of 113 typefaces.

Final score: GOOD 8, EVIL 7 (OT).


  1. Head over to the Legal Insurrection site and read-
    by Andrew Branca a leading lawyer, lecturer, and competitive shooter specializing in self defense law and author of The Law of Self Defense.
    It is worth the time.

  2. At least you have the honesty to admit a mistake, Don.

  3. 1--Story starts out "Peaceful protesters...", so I'd expect you to be very skeptical. Madison is notably left-wing.

    6--How can this be? Did they see no campaign posters? Texas, being waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out in the boonies, WaPo not looking at or for any consarned campaign posters.

  4. Surber= hate first , get the facts later. Think he would have wised up a little after being shitcanned by the DM.

    Honesty? LOL