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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Scoreboard 3-7-2015

1. It's Saturday. Had a nice waffle with cherries. Sun shined. Then I read the feel-good story of the day: 'Han Solo just rescued me, how cool is that?' GOOD.

2. Barack Obama went to Selma for the 50th anniversary of a march. Waiting for someone to compare what King went through to the easy life of thee Affirmative Action figure. GOOD.

3. Column in USA Today excoriates Americans for not being prepared to handle blizzards. Maybe if we took some of that $160 billion we spent on global warming research over the years, we would have the money to be prepared. EVIL.

4. Eric Holder wants to dismantle the Ferguson, Missouri, police department because its officers shoot black men who try to kill them. From the Marc Rich pardon to today, has Eric Holder done anything that was not evil? EVIL.

5. Hawaii is the happiest place in America, West Virginia the least happy -- for the sixth consecutive year. Well there i no place around here to get a lei. EVIL.

6. Two animals, ages 15 and 16, get 30-year sentences for raping, robbing and torturing an 85-year-old woman -- at a retirement home. Thee woman should own that joint. EVIL.

7. Indians want the city of Buffalo to change its name. Hmm. How about Redskins, New York? EVIL.

From the blog:

8. "LBJ destroyed your state's budget." Medicaid now consumes $1 of every $4 state tax dollars. EVIL.

9. "McCain man convinced me: Walker in 2016." If Scott Walker is not good enough for an idiot, then he is good enough for me. GOOD.

10. "The lesson of West Virginia's fetal pain law." GOOD.

Today's American Vignette: "Robert Townsend and James Rivington: Spies so good, they hid it from each other."

Finl score: EVIL 6, GOOD 4.


  1. 1--That was no Spitfire. That's an Army Air Corps trainer, in pre-WWII paint scheme. Don't recall which one. Clearly, some Brits don't know their WWII history.

  2. From:

    "Soon after Ford took off from Santa Monica Municipal Airport near Los Angeles, he radioed that the single engine of his 1942 Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR stopped working and he was going to make an immediate return."