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Sunday, March 22, 2015

RFK Jr. is Jenny McCarthy without the chest

RFK Jr. is a man who for 61 years has lived off his father's name and his grandfather's money. He is a walking advertisement for a 100% inheritance tax. He has run nothing but his mouth. He is wrong about global warming (weather is cyclical and we are now in a cooling trend) and now he is wrong about vaccinations. Sadly, his celebrity means people follow his nonsense.

He testified last week in Oregon against vaccinating kids against potentially deadly childhood diseases. This is from a man who goes cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs because the atmosphere is -- on one day a year -- 0.0401% carbon dioxide. Fake dangers, he panics over. Real ones, he ignores.

From the Washington Times:
Supporters of state legislation to tighten vaccine exemptions appeared poised for success this year after the Disneyland measles outbreak, but opponents are hoping the Kennedy magic proves equally contagious.
Longtime vaccination critic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. notched a victory last week with the defeat of a bill in Oregon, one of his first stops on a national barnstorming tour of states considering measures to make it tougher to opt out of childhood immunizations.
Mr. Kennedy met with lawmakers and hosted a screening of the film “Trace Amounts,” which ties a mercury-based preservative in some childhood vaccines to autism. He urged lawmakers to kill Senate Bill 442, which would have eliminated the nonmedical exemption in Oregon, the nation’s leading state for religious and philosophical exemptions at the kindergarten level, with 7.1 percent of parents opting out of child vaccinations.
He is infringing on Jenny McCarthy's territory. Her I can forgive. She never went to college. But him?

Somehow I get the feeling he makes money off this the same way Al Gore makes money off his global warming hysteria. Oh, RFK Jr. is into that as well, but I think it is more to pick up chicks than to make money. Anti-vaccination doesn't draw young women, just moms and most of them do not look like Jenny McCarthy.

The vaccination myth that RFK Jr. perpetuates was debunked years ago.


  1. Fess up, Don, you did this for the opportunity to run that photo.

  2. These are the people who accuse conservatives of being anti-science.

  3. Jenny McCarthy did go to College; Southern Illinois University.