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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Liberals go Truther on Bergdahl

Bowe Bergdahl poses a great problem for liberals. Conservatives were skeptical of the sergeant's "abduction" by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Conservatives believed the tales of his fellow soldiers who said he deserted his post in Afghanistan. Liberals believed President Obama.

Now that the Army has defied White House pressure and charged Sergeant Bergdahl with misbehavior before the enemy and desertion, liberals have gone Truther with a conspiracy theory.

From the Atlantic: "The military had to choose between granting the former Taliban prisoner an honorable discharge, back pay, and benefits — or initiating court-martial proceedings."

David A. Graham of the Atlantic is in denial that President Obama swapped five lethal terrorists for a deserter. If liberals ever admitted conservatives were right on everything, liberalism would die of irrelevancy.

So they swing Truther. Graham wrote:
The justice system is complicated, but the military-justice system is another matter entirely. The vagaries of Army courts may help to explain why a general decided to charge Bowe Bergdahl with desertion on Wednesday.
That choice seems pretty confusing: After all, why would the U.S. trade five high-value Taliban prisoners for Bergdahl, only to turn around several months later and accuse him of a major crime? The Obama administration is already taking political fire from conservatives for an alleged miscalculation.
But General Mark Milley, who made the call, may have had a restricted set of choices. While Bergdahl was in Taliban captivity, his term of enlistment expired, even though he remained on military rosters and was classified as being on active duty. As Military Times explained in December, that means the Army really had only two choices: either grant Bergdahl an honorable discharge, or else begin the procedure to court-martial him.
"We're in an all-or-nothing situation," retired military lawyer Jeffrey Addicott told Military Times.
You see? This is all a money saving effort on the part of a penurious military.

Remember this the next time liberals complain about the military budget (by the way, we spend more on pre-K to 12 education including local and state tax money.) And then there is this:
Legal experts have cast doubt on the Army's ability to actually convict Bergdahl on either charge, because of the difficulty of proving them. But the process could create an opening for Bergdahl to request a less-than-honorable discharge. That might also involve surrendering pay or military benefits. If Bergdahl and his lawyers could agree on such a resolution with the military, it would prevent a court martial and excuse the Army from paying benefits like a pension to someone they believe walked away from his unit in Afghanistan.
Remember this the next time a liberal says military justice is to justice what military music is to music (actually John Phillip Souza rocks).

I love the smell of desperation in the morning.


  1. It will be "interesting" to watch what happens to General Milley's career, now that he has made a decision embarrassing to the Administration.

  2. My funny vote is for "I love the smell of desperation in the morning."
    I suspect Gen Milley plans on retiring soon.

  3. Leftists say something. Conservatives tell them they're wrong, and why. Leftists call them ignorant, knuckle-dragging science-hating homophobic/xenophobic poopy-butts. Conservatives are proven right. Leftists go in denial and start playing the rationalization game. Rinse and repeat.