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Sunday, March 08, 2015

Headline of the day

This is the actual headline in the Los Angeles Times:
Oregon abolishes its hopelessly bungled health insurance exchange
Bu-bu-but I thought only those mean, racist, Koch Brothers-owned, Republican governors were against President Obama's health insurance exchanges.

From the Los Angeles Times:
A bill dissolving Cover Oregon, the state's dysfunctional health insurance exchange, has been signed by Gov. Kate Brown.
The decision was announced in a nine-word tweet from Brown's account, which said simply: "This afternoon I signed Senate Bill 1 into law." She signed the legislation Friday.
Cover Oregon was plagued by problems almost from its onset. No Oregonian was ever able to enroll online in a private plan under the Affordable Care Act because the state exchange never had a functioning website, forcing insurance seekers to file paper applications.
In April, state officials voted unanimously to switch over to the federal health insurance exchange,, citing the high cost of trying to fix the problematic state marketplace. The Oregon exchange had cost the state $248 million.
And so it ends. Not with a press conference and celebration, but with a tweet.



  1. More pointless nonsense with a hateful slant.

    Surber will you ever find another job? Or are you making it with Koch handouts?

    1. Not pointless. That abysmal failure was paid for by me and 300+ million other non-Oregonian Americans, at 80 cents per. Any company that blew that much money through sheer incompetence would be OUT OF BUSINESS. Oregon needs to put things right and pay the rest of us back.

    2. Yes, attack Surber, not a monstrous bill damaging access to healthcare for millions of Americans.
      Oregon has made a step in the right direction. Sorry if reality occasionally harshes your vibe.

  2. LOL. I must have really butt-hurt you last evening.

    1. You seem to be obsessed with "butthurt". Guess being fired has progressed yer butthurt from acute to chronic. You will have that Donnie boy.

  3. For slightly under $248 million I could have made them a website that didn't work ><

  4. More government success stories like this you'd think everyone would be single payer.

  5. You fools fail to admit how well it's working out here in WVa. What a sorry lot of willful idiots.

    In other words Fox News Zombies

  6. What I see is Oregon's ex-governor in deep and serious, his "First Squeeze" in deep and serious, and that's got Oregon caught up in the results of their machinations. Even The Oregonian, long-known as a Dem lapdog, is at least acting as if they've wised up. Fox News has nothing to do with it.