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Monday, March 09, 2015

Even Bill will not defend her

President Clinton declined to defend Hillary's skirting of the law by conducting her work as Secretary of State on her private e-mail account in hopes that no one could touch it.

Bill slickly declined to defend her saying he has an opinion and he is biased.

So once again he humiliates her. In 1992, Missus Clinton defended him against accurate charges of adultery. And again in 1993, 1995, and finally in 1998, when his perjury regarding that woman, that Miss Lewinsky became public.

Bill is not reciprocating.

From the Hill:
Former President Bill Clinton on Sunday declined to weigh in on news that his wife exclusively used a private email account during her four-year tenure as secretary of State.
Asked Sunday during a community service project if his wife has been treated fairly over the emails, Clinton says in video captured by CNN, "I'm not the one to judge that."
"I have an opinion, but I have a bias," Clinton said. Asked his opinion: "That I shouldn't be making news on this."
All the loyalty of a rutting pig.

But deep inside, Bill does not want to be first lady. He wants to be the only president in the family. He cost her in 2008, and he likely will again.



  1. "But deep inside, Bill does not want [her] to be first lady. "

    You got that right. He knows she'd make a terrible president and the country would suffer. The Clinton marriage is the long-running political soap opera version of the Kardashians. Hillary is extremely competitive. Her ambition knows no bounds. It's obvious she envies but lacks her husband's natural and intuitive political skills, and is ferociously jealous of his success. She really does think it is "her turn" to be President, but I suspect that attitude of entitlement is directed more at her husband than at voters. God save America from the Clintons (and the Bushes, too).

    1. Re my insertion of [her] in your sentence: my mistake Don. Please ignore it. I agree, Bill does not want to be First Dude.

  2. Their marriage seems to be and have been a devil's bargain, on both sides.