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Monday, March 09, 2015

Britain waters its beer

The alcoholic content of British beer is declining. Beer companies blame consumers.

Which may explain why sales are down. Who wants watered down beer?

From the London Daily Mail:
Britain's beer is getting weaker thanks to the rise in popularity of low-strength tipples and more health-conscious drinkers.
Despite the UK's reputation as a country which enjoys a pint, two billion fewer units of alcohol were consumed over the last two years, according to official figures.
The decline is largely because the strength of alcoholic drinks has fallen from an average of 4.42 per cent to 4.14 per cent over the two years, a report by the Department of Health says.
Increasingly health-conscious drinkers are also playing a part, the Sunday Telegraph reported, with a sharp rise in choice of lower-strength booze.
Brewers are also responding to lower tax rates imposed on beers with 2.8 per cent or less alcohol.
The change in levy was followed by a number of brewers weakening their products, including Carlsberg's Skol lager dropping from three per cent to 2.8 per cent.
Not mentioned in all of this is the British serve their beer warm.

No thanks.

Confession: The last beer I had was with Spank McFarland of Our Gang/Little Rascals in 1987. He was in Poca for a pro-am tournament at Scarlet Oaks. I realized I could never have a beer with anyone better. Don't miss it.

Now bourbon is an entirely different matter...



  1. 2.8%? You've got to be kidding! That's not even "near beer." That's piss beer.

  2. Spanky! Did you know most of those kids died young, by their mid-50s? I read that somewhere.

  3. Maybe the threat of "Asian" disapproval is causing a downturn in alcohol sales.
    Eurabia ain't going to be much fun.