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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Scott Walker's secret weapon: Reince

Matt Welch at Reason magazine noted Jeb Bush and Chris Christie are flailing as presidential candidates: "Today has been a bad day in the bad month of the bad year for the presidential hopes of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Dueling articles in The New York Times and Washington Post sketch out a candidacy mired in myopia, slack fundraising, and poll-negativity. "

I read that and instantly thought of Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee. He bailed the RNC out after Michael Steele, an affirmative action pick, blew it. Old Reince may be the key to the nomination.

Reince Priebus is from Wisconsin.

You know who else is from Wisconsin?

Scott Walker.

Yes, it turns out that in order to be governor of a state, you actually have to live there. Who knew?

Welch reached the same conclusion, without mentioning Reince Priebus: "Lord knows its early, but with Romney out of the way, Christie imploding on the launch pad, and Jeb still trailing the allegedly out-there libertarian candidate, a question already haunts Campaign 2016: Where will the GOP Establishment money go next? It could be Scott Walker or bust sooner than you think."

I do not think the Republican Establishment is as dense as the rest of us think. They, too, likely tire of the Clinton-Bush thing. They also notice Christie's failings. Yes, he was a tonic when he was elected in 2009 and took on the teacher unions. But Scott Walker went further, and he doesn't have that pushy politician baggage. What works in Jersey stays in Jersey.

We are 10 months out from Iowa, but the race is shaping up even before anyone formally announces. Rick Perry remains under the radar, and Bobby Jindal is still in the hunt.

Ben Carson is this year's Herman Cain, and Carly Fiorina is hoping she isn't shoved into a Michele Bachmann mold.

The senators don't matter. Yes, they say things people want to hear, but none of them has done anything. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are Beltway Boys.

Jeb, Christie, Walker, Perry, and Jindal have plenty of executive experience as governor. Every single one of them has a fine record. It looks like one of them will emerge as the nominee. One of them has a secret weapon in the RNC.



  1. Edwin Land invented lots of stuff, no college degree.

  2. Thomas Edison - No college degree. Bill Gates - No college degree.

  3. Just one small, small, small edit, Don....

    "He bailed the RNC out after Michael Steele, an affirmative action p[r]ick, blew it"

    There. Much better.

  4. I like that Mr. Scott. What happened to him, Don?

  5. Christie has a good record only if you ignore a lot of bad in his list. Perry has a good bit of bad baggage as well, but not enough I'd not want him as pres. Christie has plenty to make me not want him on the ticket even as VP. Jindal and Walker have less than Perry, and I lean to Walker, but would be happy with Jindal or Perry.
    Rand has almost as bad a foreign policy as his dad, Cruz and Rubio have got that no experience but Senator blues but would be nice as VP or SecState, and Rand would be nice as Treasurer.

  6. What does the Republican Party have that the the Democratic Party doesn't?

    A bench.

    Discounting the rooky senators (don't they think we've LEARNED that lesson?) There's at least a half dozen successful governors who would be fine presidents. Realistically, we all may differ with Christie on details, but even he would be light years better than SCOAMF. There are five dozen Republican governors and choosing any one of them by lottery would be better than Hillary.

    Yes the Democrats' Great White Hope is the Crone Mother. Their bench is Slow Joe "Octopus hands" Biden and another rooky senator Elizabeth "Fauxcahontis" Warren. Of course I understand John Kitzhaber, the former Democratic Governor of Oregon is available now. Maybe Cuomo can get the nomination before the indictment comes down.

    The end result of the Clintons' machinations of the Democratic Party and its conversion to a monarchist party for the past quarter century is to destroy their next tier leaders. And of course, Barack "no coat tails" Obama never concerned himself with an successor.


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