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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Scoreboard 2-28-2015

1. House funds Homeland Security for another week. Illegal aliens are too good for business for the multi-millionaires in Congress -- Pelosi, et cetera -- to demand deportation. If they were Tea Party members, they would be gone -- unanimously. Passed 357-60 in the House. EVIL.

2. Politico is praying for a Republican mutiny. But only 60 members opposed. EVIL.

3. Mister Netanyahu goes to Washington. Give em hell, Bibi. GOOD.

4. The Daily Beast is caught lying about Scott Walker. Liberals are making shit up. Won't stick in 2016 because the people are  disgusted with the communism. GOOD.

5. And folks, I quit holding back on what taking over the Internet, health insurance and car manufacturing is: communism. Frank Marshall's godson who hates America (he stayed with his God Damn America preacher) and thinks Islam is better than Christianity. Guess what? Barack Obama is not outlier. He represents the middle of liberalism. I don't question their patriotism. They have none. EVIL.

6. President Obama goes Emily Litella about re-taking Mosul. Guess George Walker Bush made it look too easy for Mister Never-Cracks-A-Book. Or maybe his team has already taken Mosul. EVIL.

7. Rosie O'Donnell shows lesbian marriages are just as dysfunctional as real marriages. GOOD.

From the blog:

8. "Correction of the day." See No. 4. EVIL.

9. "Asian Americans fight against racial discrimination." GOOD.

10. "Rolling Stone tries to UVa Scott Walker." Liberals are afraid. GOOD.

11. "Ted Cruz: 'My wife calls it my prison body'." Good senator. Not presidential material yet. But a favorite of the Scorekeeper and this is one reason why. GOOD.

Today's American Vignette: "Earl Anthony. Mister Bowling."

Final score: GOOD 6, EVIL 5.


  1. #7-Sorry, Mr. Surber, but who gives a rat's furry anus about Rosie O'Donnell?

    #10-Is Governor Walker "the One"? I'm certainly becoming more intrigued by the day. (Of course the prospect of Jeb will do that to a person...)

  2. #5. Well said. Totally agree. Tar and feathers is too good for them. What is wrong with an electorate that elected Obungler not once, but twice? And the media has no patriotism either for not vetting this fraud and for covering for him. We knew more about Sarah Palin a week after McRINO selected her as his running mate than we'll ever know about Obumbler. It's a national disgrace!

    1. We knew enough about Obozo, the problem is the electorate was and still is willing to believe the liars in the lame stream media. We know he is a closeted gay mooslime communist. As Don asked, HIS team is in control in Mosul. Of course, if they found out he was homosexual, they would burn him just as fast as they burned those Christians they captured.