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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rolling Stone tries to UVa Scott Walker

From the magazine that gave you the false story that a fraternity gang-raped a co-ed at the University of Virginia comes: "Scott Walker, God's Gift to the Democratic Party. Walker's ISIS comments might help him in the short term, but in the end his Party will suffer."


Apparently Jann Wenner and company think Americans are all a bunch of bi-coastal liberals who want the Islamic State to take over Arabia -- and maybe the rest of the world too.

From the article:
Beltway Democrats may not deserve good luck, but it looks like they could have plenty in the next presidential race. Heading into the weekend, Scott Walker, a man born to be slaughtered in a general election, is suddenly leading the Republican pack in the Iowa polls.
Walker is surging thanks to his performance at this week's Conservative Political Action Conference, where the union-busting governor inspired raucous applause with his "I was a dick in Wisconsin, and I can be one in Washington, too!" stump speech.
Walker's address was a broadside against a litany of conservative bugbears, from Planned Parenthood to the media to tax day to the subversive act of voting without a photo ID, etc.
Born to be slaughtered in the general election?

2010 disagrees.

2012 disagrees.

2014 disagrees.

And yes, Rolling Stone disagrees, because no relic from Haight-Ashbury 1967 survives this long without being able to do the math. And the math is working against the Republicans.

There is a lot of whistling past the graveyard in the article: "Scott Walker as a political performer is pretty uninspiring. He doesn't have George Bush's pretzel-mouthed Texas charm or Sarah Palin's hockey Mom magnetism. He can't fall back on an ethnic American dream parable like the one Marco Rubio can run on. He's just a doughy, finger-pointing white guy of the type the Republican Party has been churning out to fill state assembly seats or run in back-bench congressional districts seemingly since the beginning of time. He's exactly the kind of politician the modern Democratic Party is set up to beat."

And that is the real point of the article: To rally its liberal readers to come up with some way to marginalize Scott Walker. It is a cry for help because deep inside, Rolling Stoners know Scott Walker is the most dangerous Republican candidate since Ronald Reagan.

You know, the actor who was so "lousy" he was upstaged by a monkey?

That was the liberal line in 1980.

Look what it did to Reagan.



  1. We know who they hate (all Republicans) and who they fear--Mr. Scott!

  2. Personally I would like to see Walker as the Republican nominee. That would be the only thing that would get me into the voting booth in 2016. But I believe Hillary was already selected at Davos to be the next President.