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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Love America? He does not even know America

Official Washington is aghast that Rudy Giuliani said President Obama does not love America.

But how can Obama love America when he does not even know America? He has spent his lifetime as a detached outsider -- an anthropologist's son unable to understand this civilization.

Consider this gibberish he spouted the other day: "Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding."

Yes, that is why all our women cover their bodies and faces in public.

Yes, that is why women cannot drive.

Yes, that is why we stone adulterers.

Yes, that is why we cut off the hands of thieves.

Yes, that is why girls marry at 9.

Yes, that is why our banks charge no interest on our loans.

Yes, that is why we banned bacon.

Yes, that is why we push homosexuals off the tops of roofs.

He's nuts, folks. A loon. The elevator no longer reaches the top floor. Thank God, Valerie Jarrett is running the show, or the nation would be in gravest danger instead of merely grave.



  1. And they completely ignored the first mosque built at Plymouth Rock!

  2. If George Bush had said something that stupid, the Democrats and their media hatchet men would have been citing it as proof he was a moron. When Obama says things like this you are driven to believe one of two things, either the man is as dumb as a turnip, or (2) Rudy Guliani was absolutely 100% correct in calling him out. Statements like that make me wonder whether Obama's diploma from Columbia is as fraudulent as his Hawaii birth certificate.

  3. Actually, Obama's got a point, if not for Moslems, we'd not have the Marine hymn referencing, "to the Shores of Tripoli".

    All depends on the meaning of woven.