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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Legalize cocaine, ban sugar?

I commented on this on Friday, but let me expand my thoughts on the federal government's new nutritional guidelines. The guidelines are based on the latest studies by dietitians, but those studies are often contradictory over time.

For example, caffeine for a long time was a villain. Now it is OK to drink coffee every morning. Salt, too, was a villain. Now it also has been rehabilitated. Sugar is the villain now.

It's like the old Soviet leaders. Some years Stalin was a hero, some years forgotten, some years a villain.

But mind you who is creating these new rules: Liberals, the same people who want to end the war on drugs.

That in itself begs the question: If we end the war on drugs, does that mean pharmaceutical firms no longer will need FDA approval to peddle their ware?

But if it is My Body, My Choice about cocaine, heroin and meth, why not on table salt, sugar and red meat?

From News Max:
But there are a couple of foods that aren't worth the worry they've been given in the past, the report says:
1. The committee recommends lifting the Dietary Guidelines' previous restriction on cholesterol intake of 300 milligrams per day, or about an egg and a half. There's no clear link between the cholesterol people eat and blood cholesterol levels -- instead, saturated fats are to blame for high cholesterol, the report concludes.
2. Drinking three to five cups of coffee a day is not linked to any long-term health risks, and, in fact, has been associated with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. "Therefore, moderate coffee consumption can be incorporated into a healthy dietary pattern, along with other healthful behaviors," the report found.
People's diets include less added sugar than a decade ago, the committee found, but Americans are still taking in far too many "empty calories."
So who is to say that in a few years the zealots who attacked eggs for decades will suddenly embrace empty calories.

And who is to say that the egg and coffee industries didn't buy the government off?

It is madness. The federal government has no business worrying about my health. I do not want or need any guidelines from a morbidly obese government that now consumes one-fifth of the American economy.



  1. The "Science" is "settled". Temporarily. At best.

  2. U.S. Government Official Dietary Guidelines? I know that when the NFL announces their Official NFL condoms, it's because the condom manufacturer paid for the endorsement.

    Sounds like another department that needs to go on the chopping block. I expect the new Republican Congress to cancel it's budget in 3...2...1... HAH! Had ya' going.

  3. It's like the old Woody Allen movie, I knew there was something in that pasta!
    Sleeper. Long before he married his daughter.