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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It's the 21st century crusades

Fox News reported: "Islamic State militants have abducted at least 70 Assyrian Christians after overrunning several small villages in northeast Syria, two activist groups said Tuesday."
Nigeria. Egypt. Libya. Iraq. The carnage continues. Our president does not want us to call them Muslim terrorists, so let us call them what they are: Islamic savages.

They may represent a fraction of Muslims, but they are well-funded and trained, and they are wreaking havoc across Northern Africa, the Middle East and into sub-Saharan Africa. We have been at war with these monsters since 1998 when they bombed two American embassies in Africa.

They behead people, burn them alive, crucify them, stone them and throw them off roofs. If only they used such creativity to solve real problems for their people such as indoor plumbing, electricity, or clean water. President Obama knocked them as not being a real state because they don't roads. True. They also do not provide affordable health insurance. But to claim they are not a state is to deny the reality.

The various groups may operate under various names but they all want to impose a Taliban government based upon a very strict adherence to Islam. They have zero tolerance for others.

From the Fox News report:
An Assyrian woman from Tal Shamiram who now lives in Beirut said she has been scrambling to find out what has become of her parents as well as her brother and his wife and kids.
"Land lines have been cut, their mobiles are closed," she told The Associated Press. "Have they been slaughtered? Are they still alive? We're searching for any news."
She spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of endangering relatives believed to be held by the militants.
"My family visited me last month and returned to Syria. There were clashes but it was normal, nothing exceptional. I feel so helpless, I cannot do anything for them but pray," she said by telephone, her voice breaking.
The Air Force and silly statements about jobs will not fix this situation. You need an army. American, Iraqi, Syrian, it does not matter. You kill the militants until you run out of bullets, and then you make more ammunition and continue to kill the militants until they surrender unconditionally. Then you try their leaders and execute them.

That was what we did in World War II. Germany, Italy and Japan were no problem after that.



  1. “Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religion.” Mohammed wanted to unite the Arab tribes on the Arabian Peninsula so he stole from both the Old and New Testaments and elevated a minor moon god, Allah, into a supreme being. Voila! Islam. There is no such thing as moderate Islam or radical Islam. Islam is Islam. It declared war against the west 1400 years ago and is still fighting that war today. Islam knows it is at war with the West. Unfortunately, the West doesn’t realize this or refuses to realize this.

  2. Mostly refusal, Anon. Official refusal, ignoring us "little people" who see clearly.

  3. Can we kill them all?
    Yes, We Can
    Yes, We Can
    YES WE CAN!!!