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Friday, February 20, 2015

Eat what we say, or pay a tax

The Obama administration wants you to eat less meat, drink more coffee, and pay a tax for drinking sugary drinks.


Uh, it's um healthy for you and we all know that men form governments to tell them what to eat.

From Politico:
A federal nutrition panel says you should eat less red meat than you do now, drink more coffee and choose food that’s friendly to the environment. And it wants your local government to consider taxing sugary foods.
Those suggestions are part of a report published Thursday by the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, whose recommendations will inform federal nutrition policy and guidance set by the government — including the $16 billion school meals program.
The report outlines a dramatic departure in the panel’s approach to improving the nation’s health, a heavier-handed vision than those provided by previous panels for how individuals, government and industry can work in tandem to tackle poor nutrition and environmental concerns. Critics complain the report goes too far with too little scientific evidence. Advocates argue they’re trying to repair a nation wrought with crippling health problems.
Welcome to McObama's.

Food so terrible no one eats it.

That's been the experience in school cafeterias across America.

But who said it is the government's job to make us healthier?

The government's job is to protect our borders and win our wars.

Obama is the big Oh-Fer on both counts.



  1. To make matters worse, part of the justification is that they want to reduce the number of cattle on the land and in feed lots. In short, it's an environmental program as well.

  2. And they won't even try to keep us safe from all enemies, foreign and domestic.