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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The Ice Age cometh

It's weather, say the snots who seize  any storm -- snow, rain, doesn't matter -- as proof of their unsscientific contention that man is causing a hell on Earth, aka global warming, aka climate change. But the facts are the facts and Ice Age Now reported: "8,977 Record Cold temps in November vs 2,022 Record Warm Temps." It cited as its source the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The temperature drop is in keeping with a prediction made 35 years ago by physicist Leona Woods Marshall Libby that temperatures would rise in the 1980s and 1990s, then fall. She is the woman who developed the tree ring method used in climatology to measure temperatures thousands of years ago.

“Easily one to two degrees,” she told the Los Angeles Times in 1979. “And maybe even three or four degrees. It takes only 10 degrees to bring on an Ice Age.”

We seem headed that way. Record lows last month -- after a harsh winter last year -- are not proof of much.

But ecologist Edward Hanna reported over the Thanksgiving weekend: "While the Arctic melts, Antarctica's ice has spread to record extents in three consecutive years. But is the news as good as it looks? Yes, if indications from a robot submarine that the ice is thicker than expected are supported by further evidence. It may just be that Antarctica's ice is more resilient than scientists dared to hope."

I'm puzzled as to why cold is good to these fools.

So if it gets colder, what can we do?

We can do what we always do: adapt.

But first we have to stop this scientific boondoggle that blows billions of dollars each year on false science by such charlatans as Michael Mann -- the hockey stick man whose predictions of sudden and steep incxreases in temperatures after 2000 are 100% wrong.

Next, invalidate every global warming or climate change-related regulation in the federal government.

We are blowing precious resources chasing this false prophecy, from a man who went bananas after losing the 2000 presidential election by 537 votes in Florida.

My previous and lmore detailed post on Leona Woods Marshall Libby's prediction is here.

Meanwhile, the left keeps lying about the weather.


  1. Maybe all these guys wanting more cold live in Florida or on the Texas Gulf Coast. A little colder may be good for Houston, where I live, but it will be the pits Windsor. (In that case, poor Windsor -- so close to Detroit and so far from warmth.)

    Extra cold won't do that much for West Virginia, either.

    1. OTOH, extra coal sells more coal.

  2. GlowBull Warning is a religion. And like every other religion, it has its believers and its charlatans. One of the problems with the GlowBull Warning religion is it gives real religions a bad name.

  3. FUNNY! Slow Jam The News: Immigration (w/ Brian Williams) on Jimmy Fallon...

  4. The breadbasket of America won't be quite so full if its growing season is shortened. Food prices will rise. All sorts of awesome things will happen if the world gets colder.

  5. I believed in climatology before it became a religion. Scientists had truly advanced our understanding of long-term weather cycles that can last decades and even centuries. All that has gone up in smoke thanks to the bald hucksterism of the green religionists. The end is near unless we repent!

    1. Science based on observations rather than computer forecasts.

      Now that's something I could get behind!

    2. In the 1970s the crisis du jour for environmentalists was a new ice age. It was coming, the computer models proved it. Tjeerd van Andel, an oceanographer, wrote in his book Science At Sea that only putting CO2 into the atmosphere might save us from that disaster. I believed them then. One reason I was skeptical of Global Warming/Climate Change was that the same people pushing it got the Global Coldening so wrong in the 70s.
      Another reason was that the satellite measures of tropospheric temperature from 1978 to about 1997 showed a rise of .07 degrees per decade. A rise of less than one degree per century did not seem to me something to panic about. Another reason is that since 1997 those same satellite records show no net warming. The mean is flat, although there are fluctuations from year-to-year. Finally, the current solar cycle is extremely weak. There have been few or no sunspots for years now. The sun has been described this year as looking like a cue ball, there are so few sunspots (none recently). When this has happened before, in the 17th and early 19th centuries, it has produced decades of very cold weather.
      Watch the Climatistas pivot to shrieking about Global Cooing again in a few years. The solution will be the same, destroy industrial civilization and put in socialism to save us from death by freezing. That was what they said in the 70s. They have a solution in search of a problem to solve.

  6. way2, I always call it AlGoreBull Worming.

  7. Hey this looks like fake news or bullshit or maybe a democrat conspiracy to make climate skeptics look dumb...picking one month, when annual data for last decade has consistently shown a warming trend (granted not nearly as robust as Al Gore et al predicted) is probably a case of "cherry picking." Plus don't bother to click thru the "Ice Age" link (es muy muerte) not to mention clicking on the NOAA link that actually shows data that contradicts the author's claim. Do love the story of how Leona Libby met her husband! (check out the LA Times obit).