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Monday, December 01, 2014

Scarborough leads backlash against Ferguson riots

UPDATE: Joe Scarborough penned an op-ed column for Politico, "Truth trumps hype in Ferguson."

ORIGINAL POST: After watching five St. Louis Rams show their public support for looting and rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, Joe Scarborough has had it. He told his MSNBC audience this morning that he reached a tipping point. Sidekick Donny Deutsch agreed. And I believe so has middle-class America. Watching rioters turn Ferguson, Missouri, into an American Fallujah, opened many eyes.

Joe Scarborough's tipping point also referred to the media. Via Mark Finkelstein at News Busters, Morning Joe's comments on the Rams stunt:
MIKA BRZEZINSKI: You guys are up really in arms about some the things that happened on the football field which we'll get to in just a second. 
JOE SCARBOROUGH: I am. The whole thing in the media is, you don't hear me usually blaming the media for stuff, but it's been extraordinarily irresponsible over the past several months and what the media has let pass as narrative, we saw play out yesterday on an NFL football field. 
DONNY DEUTSCH: I'm puzzled: can you explain that? Guys coming  out like this [makes hands-up gesture.]
SCARBROUGH: Yeah, guys came out, hands up don't shoot for the St. Louis Rams. Here's a video of it. And what is so remarkable is they might as well have come out with a flying saucer attached to all of their heads in solidarity with Michael Brown being transported to Venus on a flying saucer. Because that happened as much as that happened. That's according to grand jury testimony. That's according to witnesses. They are using his accomplice in the robbery that was with him at the time who also claimed that Michael Brown was shot in the back. And for some reason, the media attaches to these narratives that will stir up further protests. And I got to say, I just got to a tipping point this weekend. 
There's another story in Cleveland where a young boy tragically was shot dead. Police officers got a 911 call that he was waving a gun, scaring the blank out of everybody in this public park. Police officers came up. Stopped. Shot the young boy. He was 12 years old. But they had taken off the markings to make it look like a toy gun. It was an actual gun. Do you know what "The New York Times" put in the caption of the video? "Police officers shoot child with toy." I don't know exactly who puts those, attaches those, but we are doing such a grave disservice to police officers in this country by pushing a narrative. That they are just going around looking to shoot black people. 
And somebody has to tell me, somebody needs to tell me why Michael Brown has been chosen as the face of black oppression ... Donny, I'm sorry. This Ram thing was the final straw for me. I have sat here quietly and listened to BS being spewed all over this network and all over other networks. I can't take it anymore ... 
It's absolutely terrible that that black man lay in the street for 4 1/2 hours. That's one area where you can say no white man would lay in the street for 4 1/2 hours. There are places where there are great inequities. That said, at least get your signs right. If this movement is important enough to you, don't base your movement on a lie.
And I expect the Commissioner of the National Football League to suggest to the St. Louis Rams, their ownership, their coaches, their general manager, and their players that having players before the start of a National Football League game make a gesture that suggests that St. Louis police officers gunned down a young black men who have arms in their air saying hands up don't shoot, I suggest you have some work to do. You have some work to do. Not just on Ray Rice. You have some work to do to talk to those players.
Because the cops have every reason to be pissed off this morning. Every reason in the world. And by the way, if I've offended anybody by saying what I've said, trust me: 95% of America think just like me. Just because there are cowards that won't say that on TV, that's your problem, it's not mine, because you're not getting the truth.
While Scarborough ripped the media and the NFL, his tipping point also applies to entire situation in Ferguson. There is no justification for destroying a business. I have advised the middle-class and the business owners to move away rather than rebuild.

It is very telling that Scarborough said this on the very cable news network that pushed hardest the false narrative behind the rationalization of these riots.

Black leaders are showing themselves as racial opportunists who care little about the damage left in the wake of their rhetoric. The incompetence of President Obama also turns off many people who thought he would bring a post-racial America. Also, granting citizenship to 5 million law-breaking illegal aliens alienates people of all races, especially Hispanics who entered the nation legally and became citizens. His administration's embrace of this event to bolster black participation in the midterm elections backfired. Big time. Republicans gained 9 senators (pending Saturday's election in Louisiana) and 13 House seats -- for their greatest control of Congress in 68 years.

If anything, Obama's desperate and bitter clinging to Ferguson turned off most black voters. I assert that most black people are tired of being dismissed as just black people and want to be Americans. I know I am tired of being dismissed as just a white person.

Al Sharpton and President Obama cluelessly continue down this path of destruction. From the London Daily Mail:
President Barack Obama will meet with controversial black pastor and MSNBC host Al Sharpton on Monday at the White House, as part of a jam-packed day with three separate meetings to discuss the deterioration situation in Ferguson, Missouri.
His administration is considering pushing a new torrent of public messages about the death of a young black man at the hands of a white police officer in August.
Meetings with cabinet officials, with a group of 'young local and national civil rights leaders,' and with top law enforcement officials are on his official schedule.
Speculation ran rampant Monday on Twitter that Sharpton would attend, and his representatives confirmed it just before lunch.
Unless they discussed how they will extricate themselves from this situation, expect the worse for them, our country and our children. This year of rioting and looting differs from the 1960s riots in that it cannot lead to another wave of federal programs. The money is not there. The will is gone as well. Joe Scarborough reached his tipping point in Ferguson -- and so did many Americans.


  1. I reached my tipping point on the 1st day. What I'd like to know is this:

    1. What has changed since Rodney King (Riots)
    2. What has changed since Ferguson (More Riots)

    Riddle me this. Say white police officer in Ferguson was put on trial? Would anything change?

    Since the riots from the King case to now, have graduations gone up or down? Seems like more and more money gets thrown at social problems, but nothing changes. When a friend of mine served on a local school board, he ended up quitting because he (being white) was told the "issue what a black issue."

    Holding the media's feet to the fire (and I would have loved to see the smug looks Joe was getting while stating this from his blond Liberal co-host) and finding ways to change the actual communities - we will continue to see this act out again and again and again - and our media will just be standing there with firehoses of gasoline to spray onto the fire. Sure wish Obama was meeting about how to stop ISIS or how to save some American Businesses who are being crushed under Obama care.

    -nuf said.

  2. My tipping point was much sooner when my prediction that any opposition to Obola would be deemed racist came to pass. Obungler made local stories national from Henry Louis Gates to St. Trayvon of Skittles to St. Michael of Swisher Sweets. Of course he was aided and abetted by the LSM AKA the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party. Exactly who are the real racists here?

  3. I think if there had been a trial, there would have been daily and nightly riots, and the Gov would have had to bring in the National Guard and keep them there for the duration.

    Sounds like Joe got back to his roots for a few minutes (I've heard he used to be considered conservative).

  4. Unless they discussed how they will extricate themselves from this situation, expect the worse for them, our country and our children.

    Unfortunately, that crew will vend grievances longer than pornographers will vend pornography.

    /("worse" or "worst"?)

    John Sexton over at Breitbart has noticed the MSM moving away from the left's narrative. Scarborough plays into that, but there are more instances, as he identifies.

  5. Joe Scarborough didn't reach any tipping point. Scarborough is a media whore who once pretended to be a conservative and now shares an employer with the filthiest race agitator of all -- Al Sharpton.

    If Scarborough had really reached a tipping point -- a genuine epiphany -- he'd have resigned from that communist cesspool he whores for.

  6. Cartoonist Gary Varvel nails it:

  7. 2014 will go down as the year that the Left over-played its hand. These people know only one tactic and that is to double-down on their bet. There is still a month left. With Obama leading the charge, look for them to push all in.
    I believe Obama will find that he really is the one who will escort in a post-racial America. People are getting so sick of race-bating that the race card will forever become a worthless tool.

  8. A lot of "tipping point(s)" to be found hereabouts. Alas, simply a reflection of the number of mindless right wing cattle to be found herein and the BS being spewed by same.