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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Republicans likely will give Biden gun control

Biden said on Thanksgiving, "I’m sick and tired of these shootings. We should have much stricter gun laws."

Conservative media acted as if this were breaking news, but Biden has always supported gun control. In 1994, he wrote the law that banned assault weapons for a decade.

The threat of democracy

Pennsylvania Hall. May 17, 1838.

Biden called the recent election a “good day for democracy and, I think, a good day for America.” Now it can be one but it cannot be both because ours is a constitutional republic, not a democracy. 

Highlights of the News

Soccer: A tie is a win!!!

Real football: A tie is like kissing your sister.

Friday, November 25, 2022

Musk beware. Twitter made enemies

Two of the richest men in the world -- celebrities both -- met in Shanghai on August 28, 2019, to discuss the future of technology. They were Jack Ma of Red China and Elon Musk of the United States. They had divergent views. They also had divergent futures.

They should have thanked God, not government

The White House sent out instructions to its minions on what to talk about at the family dinner on Thanksgiving. It was politics, politics, politics.

Thanksgiving is not about government. It is about God.

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: The New York Post reported, "A small but mighty hero rescued his 2-year-old sister after their Maryland apartment building went up in flames Tuesday evening.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Go home, Jack Daniels. You're drunk

The thin-skinned sour pusses who make Jack Daniels are fighting a maker of chew toys for dogs for daring to do a parody of the distiller's iconic bottle.

Bill Barr already burnt the party down

I see where Bill Barr is giving interviews as he publicizes his ORANGE MAN BAD book. These book deals are how Corporate America pays off those who joined Obama's seditious resistance against a sitting president.

Highlights of the News

TRUMP 2024.

ITEM 1: This weekend, CBS announced that it finally verified the authenticity of Hunter Biden's laptop -- two years after the New York Post broke the story. Computer repairman John Paul Mac Isaac gave the laptop to the FBI, which did nothing with it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Musk turns Twitter's deficit into a profit

I have some sad news for Elon Musk's critics. He's already making money on Twitter.

Media libeled us on Club Q

Michael J. Stern is a former federal prosecutor who writes columns for USA Today as well as columns for the Chicago Tribune, the Guardian, the Boston Globe and online sites.

He blamed President Donald Trump for the rampage that killed five people at Club Q in Colorado Springs.

Highlights of the News

TRUMP 2024.

ITEM 1: Reddux, a radical feminist site, reported, "The first openly transgender person elected to public office in New Hampshire has been jailed on charges related to stalking a victim who had a protective order against him. Stacie Laughton’s arrest comes just days after he was re-elected to the New Hampshire House as a Democrat."

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Journos leave Twitter and invade Mastodon. Hilarity ensues

In protest of Elon Musk's promise to introduce free speech to Twitter, hundreds of journalists fled to what they thought was a similar service called Mastodon. But Mastodon is not a worldwide showcase of their work to millions of people. It is a village of little houses who talk among themselves. We used to call this conversation.

The journos are intruders trying to turn Mastodon into Twitter.

WaPo writer: hunt deer, save the planet

(That's not the writer.)

Washington Post writer Tamar Haspel turned in a column, "The climate impact of the Thanksgiving meal might surprise you," an essay sure to attract conservatives who tire of leftist attacks on American holidays.

Highlights of the News

TRUMP 2024.

ITEM 1: The Harvard-Harris Poll reported, "Voters want more clarity on possible political bias: Strong majorities think the House should investigate the Hunter Biden laptop (65%), whether technology companies have been censoring political speech (74%), and whether politics have been affecting the FBI's actions (77%).