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Monday, January 21, 2019

Red China in trouble

Having stopped the Bush dynasty from nominating another member of the clan, President Donald John Trump then stopped the Restoration of the House of Clinton to the Resolute Throne.

While no one is looking, President Trump may sweep Red China into the dustbin of history.

The media is cowpox

Two stories this weekend explain why the press can never bring President Donald John Trump down.

They have no credibility.

"Washington Apprentice," Season 3

Where we are today is where we were a year ago. The media hated us. Washington hated us dead. Red China hated us. Google-Twitter-Reddit-Facebook hated us.

And President Donald John Trump was our president, so we didn't care how hated we were. We were positive, optimistic, and confident.

We remain positive, optimistic, and confident.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Media bombshells that were duds

Happy Second Anniversary of President Donald John Trump.

The press has hammered him, as multi-national giants such as Time-Warner (CNN), Comcast (NBC, MSNBC, CNBC) and Disney (ABC, ESPN) turned their news divisions against him because they really do not want to Make America Great Again.

Enjoy this partial list of their failures.

October 4, 2016: "Bombshell report offers window on Trump taxes."

President Trump kept his promises

Two years ago today, Donald John Trump took the oath of office and became our 45th president.

Midway through his first term, he has accomplished more than some presidents did in eight years.

For example, the three previous presidents each said they would move the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Nancy blew the shutdown

The government shutdown was Paul Ryan's parting shot at President Donald John Trump.

Of course it boomeranged.

President Trump is using this Mickey Mouse crisis -- ohmigosh, 94% of the people at EPA are laid off -- to get his wall. As a bonus, he left Nancy sitting in a bus on the way to the airport.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

They already have amnesty

Ann Coulter is in high dudgeon, as are all the Democrats, which means President Donald John Trump is on the right path.

President Trump made Democrats an offer they can refuse.

Politicians promise. Capitalists deliver

Two American heroes to the middle class died on Wednesday. Herb Kelleher, the beloved founder of Southwest Airlines, died at age 87 after a gregarious life of hard-drinking and smoking. The more introspective but friendly John Bogle died at age 89.

Kelleher's staff simply adored him. Millions of investors swore by Bogle. Both brought the lifestyles of the rich and famous to the middle class.

Dear reporter: First, wipe the egg and the smirk off your face

Aaron Blake is the senior political reporter who writes for The Fix at the Washington Post.

He fell for the BuzzFeed story -- leaked to change the subject from the shutdown -- which Bungling Bob Mueller disavowed late Friday.

Ginsburg is why they fought so hard against Kavanaugh

The Democrat wrath against Judge Brett Kavanaugh made little sense last September because his vote was not considered a swing vote.

Nevertheless, Democrats beclowned themselves with allegations from a perjuring professor and silly nonsense about fart jokes in his high school yearbook. (Qui boofed?)

But Stan Greene at the Santa Monica Observer had an excellent explanation at the time: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Mueller tells BuzzFeed to quit lying about Trump

The Fake News media finally went too far with its litany of lies about President Donald John Trump. The latest lies embarrassed Bungling Bob Mueller, which is almost an impossibility.

Fox News reported, "Mueller team disputes BuzzFeed report claiming Trump told Cohen to lie."

Trump wins trade war

China capitulated. Before I go into the details, let me recap what the experts said.

First The Billionaire's take.