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Friday, August 17, 2018

Brennan made himself the face of the resistance

Over at Bloomberg News, Eli Lake penned a column, "Trump Is Not Trying to Silence Brennan. The president’s strategy is the opposite: to make the former CIA director more prominent and use him as a foil."

While it is true that the Communist John Brennan with his hard-nosed anger is a gift to President Trump, the fact is Brennan volunteered for the job.

Black Trump supporters aren't Republicans

Some conservatives are buoyed by an uptick in approval of President Trump among black voters. Rasmussen said it doubled in the past year to 36%.

Given that black voters supply one-fourth of the Democratic Party votes, that is not insignificant.

Yank all their security clearances

President Trump pulled the security clearance for Communist John Brennan. A bunch of his fellow former CIA directors are up in arms.

Not over the fact that Brennan still had security clearance even after he left office. No, they are upset because President Trump is taking national security seriously.

Mexico and Trump will end NAFTA

Fake News media told us the new president of Mexico hates President Trump. Politico published on July 1, "Anti-Trump populist poised to clinch Mexican presidency. The election of L√≥pez Obrador — like Trump, known for his impulsive and nationalistic tendencies — could further strain U.S-Mexico relations."

That was a lie.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Hey, West Virginia newspapers, the standard is higher than "usually true"

West Virginia is the Trumpiest state in the union. No presidential candidate ever received a higher percentage of the vote in the state than Donald John Trump in 2016, as he eclipsed the record held by Lincoln in 1864.

Not a single newspaper in the state endorsed him.

401-k millionaires up 43% under President Trump

The stock market rally triggered by the election of Donald John Trump is the tide that lifts all boats. Pension funds are more secure. And the number of workers who have a million bucks in their 401-k plan just rose 43% in the past year alone.

Attacking the press is unacceptable

Reporters need safe access to cover public events. This weekend, cowards in masks attacked an NBC news crew covering a riot in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The assault was unacceptable. This is not who we are as Americans.

Trump finally smacks down Deep State traitors

President Trump finally yanked the security clearance for Communist John Brennan, who spied on senators, lied about it, and is now trying to topple our duly elected government.

The Fake News media is in an uproar because they lost a Deep Throat.

Guess what? Others who tried to overturn the last election also may lose their clearance.

Trump has Red China reeling

Omarosa. The show trial for Paul Manafort. These are the things CNN chipmunks chattered about endlessly the last few days. But CNN has no news judgment because it is run by a moron with a Harvard degree and a Napoleon Complex.

To find the news, I read the South China Morning Post, which is worried spitless that the Red Chinese economy will tank like its stock market has.

(Its stocks overall have declined in value by 40% in the last three years. Our stocks are up 33% since we elected Trump. In the eight years from Obama's election to Trump's, the Dow rose by 33%.)

The newspaper is running a series of columns by panicked investors and experts.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Pawlenty joins the Trump Schadenfreude List

If I can bestow any wisdom upon readers it is this:
  • Never feud with Donald John Trump because no one has won one yet.
  • Never bet against Donald John Trump because no one has won one yet.

Univision joins the Trump Schadenfreude List

Rule No. 1 for feuding with President Trump is never get in a feud with Donald John Trump; you won't win, and you may lose everything.

Executives at Univision ignored this sage advice.

The superficiality of former conservatives

The plan was simple. They would corral 23 well-known conservative writers, and publish an "Against Trump" issue of National Review. That would stop him.

It didn't. Donald John Trump finished second in Iowa, won New Hampshire, and rolled to a Republican nomination and later the presidency.

Trump's worker shortage

On December 2. 2015, I knew Donald John Trump would kick the economy into high gear. That was the day New York magazine published, "President Trump Would Destroy the Economy." It was an attempted takedown of a billionaire by a thousandaire. Maybe. Depends on whether Annie Lowrey paid off her student loans

Today in celebrities for violence against the president

Kathy Griffin was only the first to push the narrative that it is OK to kill President Trump.

Pearl Jam is the latest.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Trump delivers on coal

They said it couldn't be done, but Donald John Trump did it anyway.

The media's 72% problem

The past decade has seen the media cover up scandal upon scandal under Barack Obama while promoting the long-discredited Russian collusion fairy tale. I mean if Alex Jones is being banned for having wacky conspiracy theories, why not CNN? It reaches almost as many people.

Why did we name a bill after John McCain?

President Trump visited Fort Drum, New York, on Monday to sign the annual defense budget into law.

CNN was appalled, writing, "The defense authorization bill is named after John McCain — but Trump didn't mention him."

W.Va. court deserved impeachment

The West Virginia House of Delegates voted to impeach all four justices of the West Virginia Supreme Court. A fifth one escaped by resigning last month and then pleading guilty to a federal charge of wire fraud.

(UPDATE: One impeached justice just resigned. See after the post.)

Monday, August 13, 2018

America is winning the trade war

President Trump used a 4 by 4 to answer doubters of his America First economic policy. 4 by 4 as in 4 percent growth and 4 percent unemployment.

Meanwhile the stock market has soared since we, the people, in the vast majority of states elected him president. Stock markets reflect investor optimism.

Which leads us to 2018, a year in which the American stock market has grown another 6% while the rest of the world's stocks have declined in value by 5.8 percent.

Antifa is the future of the Democrats

Let's get something straight: Antifa is the fascist arm of the Democratic Party. If you want to know where the party is headed, look where its youths are. Antifa speaks for all Democrats when it chants, “No border, no wall, no USA at all!”

Think not? People in the 1970s blew off the Weather Underground as radicals who had nothing to do with the party.

But whom did Democrats nominate in 2008? And who was his political mentor? And who was his religious mentor? And who was the communist he put in charge of the CIA?