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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Trump declassifies the spy documents

President Donald John Trump just told Bill Barr to release the documents that led to the FBI spying on Trump and his campaign in 2016.

Americans want the FBI investigated

File this story under: Obama lied, the FBI spied.

Alyssa Milano learns the futility of boycotts

Abortion laws protect states from California because of the boycotts such laws bring.

Trump's fear about impeachment

President Donald John Trump had Nancy Pelosi and company at the White House to discuss fixing the nation's infrastructure. The meeting lasted three minutes because he asked her to back off on impeachment proceedings.

Media chose Avenatti over Trump

America has the freest press in the world. Unfortunately, we also have the dumbest. Given the choice between a creepy porn lawyer and the president of the United States, they went with the former.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Biden a "walking time-bomb"

Brit Hume has lived in Washington all his life.

He has seen them come and he has seen them go.

For 46 years, Hume has watched Joe Biden in action.

Peace-mongering Trump disappoints media

Last week, the media was all set to oppose President Donald John Trump's upcoming war in (checks notes) Iran.

Today he disappointed them again. Just as he did in Syria and North Korea. Once again, President Trump rattled his saber as a negotiating tool.

Cauliflower is too white for Democrats

Denmocrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez graduated cum laude from Boston University's College of Arts and Sciences in 2011. The daft things she says reflects that. Her most memorable contribution was a call to stop cows from farting.

Her latest lunacy is calling cauliflower colonialist.

Willie Brown throws shade on Kamala Harris

The most successful Democrat politician in the state of California gave a bad review to his state party's presidential candidate on Sunday. This should be national news.

Add the fact that they were once lovers, and this should be National Enquirer news.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Loretta Lynch flipped on Comey

Lawyer up, Jim Comey. That was advice I gave the 6-foot-8 weasel on May 1. As the public learns more about Obama's spying on Donald John Trump (and attempts to entrap him and his staff), it is clear that Democrats consider Comey expendable.

We now know that in December, Loretta Lynch told the House Judiciary Committee behind closed doors that Comey lied about a 2015 meeting about investigating Obama's first secretary of state, Hillary.

Obama empowered Pence

Democrats are sobbing uncontrollably because Vice President Michael Pence and his Indiana Mafia are now running America's medical industry.

Who put the President Trump in charge of the nation's health care?


The rest of the story on the Impeachment Republican

Jonathan Chait of New York Magazine best articulated Monday's Democrat Talking Point in his piece, "How Throwing Justin Amash Out of the GOP Might Make Trump Lose 2020,"


Donald John Trump carried Michigan without Amash's help. No Republican had carried the state in 28 years.

Obama judge rules against Trump

News outlets that promoted the Fake News about Russian Collusion made a big deal about another judicial appointee by Obama ignoring the law and precedent to rule against President Donald John Trump.

Democrats want President Trump's financial records. This has nothing to do with making law. Given that Nancy Pelosi is adamantly opposed to impeachment, the only purpose is to amuse Democrats through press leaks.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Sweet tweet

The gay mayor is a bore and a boor

Matt Drudge topped his page last night and into this peddling two stories, "MAYOR PETE STANDING OVATION ON FOX NEWS"


Should Brits have a say in Alabama law?

BBC asked the lamest question of all, "Should men have a say in the abortion debate?"


Nine men made abortion a "right" in the United States. Zero women.

Comey's book implicates Obama

The testimony has hidden in plain sight for more than a year.

In his book, Jimmy the Weasel Comey said that Obama not only knew about the Russian Dossier -- which was the basis of KGB-style spying on President Donald John Trump -- but that Obama also knew the dossier was complete and utter nonsense.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Divide country, promise unity

Having refused to accept their defeat by the Orange Man three years ago, liberals complain that the nation is not united. Sleepy Creepy Joe will unite us, they say.

I give them points for having gall.

Abortion on the run under Trump

On September 5, 2015, National Review declared, "No Movement That Embraces Trump Can Call Itself Conservative."

The article cited a few tweets by John Nolte, the media and movie critic at Breitbart News.

Comey's book could convict him

If Jimmy the Weasel Comey ever stands trial for his unconstitutional spying on a presidential candidate or his interference in the 2016 election, a key witness for prosecutors may be his own book.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Conservatives have won humor

One cultural victory for conservatives is humor. We have it. The Marxists don't.

Consider for a moment The Babylon Bee "Your Trusted Source for Christian News Satire."

An out-of-touch press

I read the headlines in the newspapers and on the national TV channels online and I wonder just what country the reporters are covering.

Someone dumber than Chris Cillizza found at CNN

[This is not satire.]

The day after Donald John Trump entered the presidential race in 2015, Chris Cillizza, then with the Washington Post, wrote a column, “Why no one should take Donald Trump seriously, in one very simple chart.”

He cited one poll. I read the column and asked myself, can there be anyone dumber in American politics?

Four years later, the answer is YES!

National Review is boldly against socialism

[This is not satire.]

National Review's editors stunned observers this week by coming out against socialism. Its embrace of capitalism is surprising as in its 63 years as a publication it never showed a profit. It relies on handouts from rich men, which while it may not be socialism surely it isn't capitalism.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Facebook is like the phone company...

...listening in and cutting you off if you say something it does not like.

Trump: Justice is coming

Obama and the New York Times cast shade on President Donald John Trump's inauguration. Obama gave Times reporters transcripts from wiretaps of Trump's campaign staff and transition team, which resulted in a Page One story designed to make Russian Collusion the talk of the day.

President Trump was up against Obama, Obama's spies, and Obama's media who worked together to attempt to overthrow his government. They lied about Russian collusion to trigger a witch hunt, figuring they would find something -- anything -- along the way to hang on him.

How de Blasio can win

Everyone is writing off New York Mayor Bill de Blasio's presidential campaign as a joke.

Four years ago, they laughed at another New York politician who decided to run for president.