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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

DC economy slows, America's speeds

The Washington Post published 17 words that brightened my day:
The D.C. area’s employment base grew by 1.3 percent for the year, compared with 1.7 percent nationally.

Fake News suckers in more journalism students

I would never discourage students from enrolling in journalism school. Fools should be parted from their money.

"The Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California  saw its highest-ever number of first-year applicants this year," MarketWatch reported.

Just Say No Again

President Trump's efforts in to stem opioid abuse brought the usual trite calls that the War on Drugs failed. They point to Prohibition.

I point to smoking. In 1954, 45% of the nation's adults smoked. The most recent figure is 15%. Shunning smoking worked.

As for the War on Drugs, let us not forget Nancy Reagan.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Why conservatives enjoy Facebook's pain

In January, John Hawkins of Right Wing News wrote, "How Conservatives Are Being Destroyed by Facebook, Twitter and Google Without Even Realizing It." A tad hysterical (he said he was shutting down his site but it is still there), nevertheless Hawkins understood that the Social Justice Fascists had turned social media sites and Google's You Tube into censors of conservatism.

Today, Facebook (and sadly Standard and Poor's 500) paid a price for its politicking. Its share prices tumbled.

The bad news is the swamp is deeper than we knew

So we had a terrific weekend in which Jeff Sessions canned Andrew McCabe. The swamp is draining.

But let us face the reality: the swamp is larger and deeper than we thought.

Trump is America's red pill

I never watched "The Matrix" but I am familiar with this blockbuster because it impacted American culture, and still does 19 years after its premiere.

In the science fiction world of this movie, people can take the red pill or the blue pill. If you take the blue pill, you see a happy peaceful world.

If you take the red pill, you see reality.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Putin caught meddling in an election

There is irrefutable proof that Russia interfered with an election today, Fox News reported.

Oh no! He has memos!

The day after the Department of Justice fired Andrew McCabe for making illegal leaks and lying about them, Robert Mueller leaked once again details about his investigation to the press. This time the self-serving scoop went to the Associated Press.

"Andrew McCabe, the onetime FBI deputy director long scorned by President Donald Trump and just fired by the attorney general, kept personal memos detailing interactions with the president that have been provided to the special counsel’s office and are similar to the notes compiled by dismissed FBI chief James Comey," the Associated Press reported.

Press failed to prepare us for this

Roger L. Simon correctly framed the pension-hampering firing of Andrew McCabe as the beginning of the biggest scandal ever. The Gate of Gates, as he put it.

"The real draining of the Swamp has finally begun. Jeff Sessions may have quietly been engineering it in ways his critics, even Trump himself, didn't realize. It is time for every concerned citizen to keep up the pressure.  At moments like this, it's easy to be cynical and think, oh, this is a good moment, but it will go back to business as usual soon. By thinking that way, you become part of the part of the problem. Don't. Act," Simon wrote.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Why the press defends McCabe's crime

Lying to the FBI is a crime. Andrew McCabe lied to the FBI even as he was the agency's deputy director. This cost him his job as deputy director of the FBI. In a just world, prosecutors would indict him just as they did Martha Stewart (and others).

We shall see how just America is.

But we know our media is not worthy of a great nation because most of the scribes would be more comfortable working under a Soviet system where they could protect the state.

Now indict McCabe

Making false statements to federal investigators is a crime. Ask Martha Stewart how that works.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired Andrew McCabe last night, in part because McCabe lied. To federal investigators.

This was discovered by Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz as part of a year-long investigation of how the FBI handled Hillary's national security lapses.

Firing McCabe is a good start. Now prosecute.

The media learns the Trump Effect is real

Why do people feud with Donald John Trump? The road to perdition is littered with the shattered reputations of those who indulged in this folly. The only person to ever feud with The Donald and come out better for the ordeal was Vince McMahon -- and that was a Fake Feud to promote one of his Wrestlemanias.

It set a record.

Friday, March 16, 2018

McCabe fired

Jeff Sessions just fired crooked, lying, sneaky FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, denying him a taxpayer-provided pension bonanza just 48 hours before McCabe planned to retire on his 50th birthday.

This will cost him $60,000 annually -- or more than $1 million given the life expectancy of a white male at age 50. However, news reports are unclear as to when he would begin collecting his pension.

Media smears Trump pick with an outrageous lie

ProPublica -- a lefty organization that poses as a nonpartisan watchdog -- falsely accused President Trump's selection to run the CIA, Gina Haspel, of running a secret prison that tortured terrorists in Thailand.

The Los Angeles Times took this Fake News from ProPublica, and ran with it.

Hillary fractures wrist

Hillary fell down and went boom.


Collapsed bridge, courtesy of Obama program

"This project is an outstanding example of the ABC method," the press release about Florida International University s pedestrian bridge touted on Saturday.

On Wednesday, the bridge collapsed, killing six people.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Mueller wants to be fired. Oblige him

Bob Mueller crossed the line today by subpoenaing President Trump's business records.

Mueller is part of a cabal of incompetents in the Deep State's intelligence/prosecutorial circle who missed 9/11 and wrongly claimed Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

As FBI director cost taxpayers $5.8 million for harassing a government worker. He insisted the man sent anthrax that killed five people, and hounded the man five years, until the real perpetrator became known.

Hillary owes America an apology

How dare she go overseas and bad mouth the United States of America while in India just because she blew an election despite spending a record one billion dollars?

According to the man who beat her in 2008, she is helping our adversaries by trying to discredit our elections.

Hillary is the worst spoiled brat, crybaby, sore loser. More than a year after the 2016 election she has not accepted the results, despite Trump taking more states than Obama ever did.

House passes phony school safety bill

Two things tell you a piece of legislation is worthless.

First, it has a cute and clever acronym for its title.

Second, it passes with overwhelming bipartisan support.

$2 billion on trains that are too wide for the tunnels

Well, what do you know? California isn't the worst governed state in the universe after all. We self-centered Americans think we have the market cornered on incompetence. Hah!

Meet our friends in New South Wales, Australia. They just spent $2 billion on railcars that are too wide for their tunnels.

They came up with an interesting solution.