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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Golf diplomacy

Donald Trump took Lindsey Graham golfing on Monday -- the Columbus Day holiday -- and Graham said the president shot a 73.

The press howled at the score.

Once again, the press missed the big story: "Donald Trump took Lindsey Graham golfing on Monday."

The story was there in plain sight.

From Michael Bamberger:
Graham repeatedly described Trump as an ideal host. "I ran out of golf balls," he said. "He started giving me golf balls. He's a gracious host. They didn't have the presidential seal. You know, they make TaylorMade golf balls in South Carolina. I'm going to have some made for him. They make them 10 miles from where I live."
Graham said it was not until the second half of the round that they talked about their professional lives and the nation's business.
"We talked about serious things on the back nine," he said. "North Korea. Iran. Immigration. But the first nine was all about golf. Donald Trump on the golf course is a very charming, gracious man. Very funny. Very competitive, but gracious. When you host somebody, you want them to have a good time. We would play a hole, he would talk about the hole, how they took trees down. He had a lot of pride in the course. It's something, to play a golf course with the president of the United States on a course he owns. He's got that big, giant flag there — it's pretty stunning."
Trump wrote a book about golf. He said it was important for a businessman to golf.

The interactions on the golf course show who a man is, and builds those relationships a businessman needs.

Politicians don't play golf much. Looks bad for them. Or so they think. Bush 43 who was a businessman before he ran for governor was the best presidential golfer, according to Golf Digest. He gave it up after the Iraq War. Bad visuals.

Trump doesn't care. He golfed all weekend.

By the way, Michael Bamberger -- a golf journalist -- kept calling "improbable" the 73 that Graham said Trump shot.

How did Michael Bamberger know? He was not there.

Fake News.

It is not just for Marxist weenie New York Times reporters any more.


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  1. President Trump had the home course advantage, no doubt, but what was Senator Graham's score? - Elric

  2. The August issue of Sports Illustrated has much to say about Trump's golf game.

    The late golf legend Bobby Jones called his sport “the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots — but you have to play the ball where it lies.”

    Unless you are Donald Trump.

    Golf is a game of humility: Even the best players are brought low by nature and chance. And it’s a game of honor: You keep your own score and are often unseen by other players.

    Then there is Trump golf. He breaks rules, exaggerates scores and ignores the game’s decorum. Sound familiar? He is, Sports Illustrated asserted, “easily the best golfer” ever to occupy the White House. Yet in golf, as in life, he doesn’t leave it at that. He gilds the lily with dishonesty.

    1. Of course you're quoting an honest source... like Hell.

  3. Golf is a marvelous game, I have been playing it for over 50 years. Like Tennis it is a game that you can play at any age. It is good exercise, very relaxing, and spending several hours outdoors is good for both the spirit and the body.

    The first President I have memory of was Dwight Eisenhower, who was first elected in 1952. I can remember my parents listening to the 1956 Republican convention on the radio! I can remember how much they both loved and admired Ike!

    Ike was a golfer, not a great one, but a man who enjoyed the game and the surroundings. He played most of his golf, in presidential years, at Augusta National the home of the greatest golf tournament ever.....the Masters.

    A series of small residence buildings, the club calls "cabins" have been built around the course over the years. The Eisenhower cabin was built in his honor. It is still there and still called the Eisenhower Cabin.

    You can see it in this story.

    It is a pretty fitting little memorial to a great man..... and his favorite game!


    1. Good post, Woody. Also, if you check out Sam Snead's (yay WV!) book The Education Of A Golfer - a funny, terrific, hard to find gem - Ike once played with him and asked for some swing advice. Sam said, "Stick your butt out more, Mr. President." Perfect. The real hitting muscles are in the legs, not the arms. Sam wrote that that Secret Service detail was about ready to pull weapons, but Ike just blinked and said, "I thought it was out already." Samuel Jackson Snead. There'll never be another like him.

    2. My Dad, a WWII/Korean Navy Cdr, liked Ike very much.

      His favorite story about Ike's golfing was the time Ike got hit in the rear by another golfer's ball.

      Ike said, "First time I've been hit in my hip pocket & it didn't hurt."

      (I have no idea if that's a true quote, but I liked it- and Ike- too!)

  4. It will be interesting to see if Miss Lindsay treats the President with more respect now.

    1. Schlongy, you've done it again! Hahaha.

  5. The difference between Trump and Obama is that Trump knows golf is just a game.

  6. I've won a Member-Guest title with my dad and another one with my son. Mr. T can fuckin play, if you check out some YouTube vid. So, OK, yeah, here's my dream foursome, Field Of Dreams style:

    Mr. T

  7. I golf in a league with a 74 year old gut that still hits 275 yard drives, and routinely scores par and below. Take that, Bamberger!

  8. I can believe that Trump would shoot a 73.

    The real issue here is not Trump's score, but the reason he plays Golf. Golf is mostly a social game, making it ideal for people getting out into a nice, relaxing environment so they can establish and maintain relationships that are required for people doing business together. Obama's Golfing was that it was just a game. For Trump it is a game, but , and more importantly, it's also a tool.