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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Zuckerberg owes Congress nothing

Liberals eat their own. The latest is Sam Biddle who wants to force Mark Zuckerberg to explain why Russians -- pardon me, ROOSHANS -- bought ads on Facebook last year.

Biddle can get bent.

Zuckerberg owes no one any explanation, least of all Congress.

The Washington Post ran a story last week pushing its version of birtherism, which holds that ROOSHANS elected Trump president.

The headline read: "Russian firm tied to pro-Kremlin propaganda advertised on Facebook during election."

Funny, during the Cold War, liberals sided with the Soviet Union.

Now that the Soviet Union has dissolved and Russia is too small to threaten even the Baltics, the Washington Post is gung-ho anti-Russian.

At any rate, Biddle wants Congress to investigate.

From Biddle:
Zuckerberg should publicly testify under oath before Congress on his company’s capabilities to influence the political process, be it Russian meddling or anything else. If the company is as powerful as it promises advertisers, it should be held accountable. And if it’s not, then we need to stop fretting so much about it. Either way, threats to entire societies should be reckoned with publicly by those very societies and not confined to R&D labs and closed-door briefings. If democracy can be gamed from a laptop, that shouldn’t be considered a trade secret.
Democracy? Don't make me laugh. Liberals still haven't accepted the results from the last election.

The First Amendment protects Zuckerberg. He can sell ads to whomever he wants.

But Biddle wants to end the First Amendment once and for all.

All liberals do. They attack the First Amendment for protecting hate speech, Fake News, and now ROOSHANS.

Republicans who may want to embarrass Zuckerberg because he's a little sniveling Social Justice Warrior should resist temptation. This is the camel's nose under the tent.

The goal is not to punish Zuckerberg but to erase the First Amendment.


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  1. The Left hates, Hates, HATES the First Amendment. And the Second.

  2. Never heard of Biddle. Biddle should not piddle into the wind.

  3. Who is Sam Biddle, and why should I care what he thinks. Honestly, I've never heard of him.

  4. Biddle is a loser who will die in complete obscurity without even a tombstone. Who cares what he frets about

  5. Facebook tells the world that the US election was affected by fake news on Facebook.
    Facebook announced Russians paid for fake ads.
    Now, let Facebook tell us which ads were paid to be fake....
    I wanna know because I am CONVINCED Russians paid Facebook to maintain anti fracking ads and pro global communism ads (pro global warming)

  6. "Russian firm tied to pro-Kremlin propaganda advertised on Facebook during election."

    How is that any different from the accusations of collusion (not a crime) by anybody in Trumpdom? Zuckerberg sold - for money - Facbook ads to a representative - declared or undeclared - of the Russian government in order to publish Russian propaganda to influence an election. At least he admits it. The MSM does it all the time and sanctimoniously denies it.

    This is a glaring contradiction. Either prosecute Zuckerberg or fire Mueller. - Elric

    1. Suckerberg funneled that Rooski money to HiLlARy while attempting to shut down all conservative speech on farcebook.

  7. The Left hate Russia because it is largely an unapologetically White Christian nation. It must be destroyed.

  8. The Russians also bought 20% of America's uranium capacity. I for one would like to know What Happened.

    1. Treason for money. - Elric