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Monday, September 25, 2017

Why the NFL fights Trump

I enjoy reading pieces about how President Trump is screwing up, written by those who got 2015 and 2016 wrong.

Jonathan Chait of New York magazine holds a special place for me. If I ever get down, I can always Google that piece from him telling me before the election how Trump had no chance in Hell, Michigan, of winning.

Donald Trump Is Not Going to Win Michigan
By Jonathan Chait
November 7, 2016
The entire presidential campaign is descending on Michigan. Donald Trump — whose campaign aides reportedly make decisions by tooling around on — has made a last-ditch stand, prompting a feverish scramble by Democrats, who have dispatched Hillary Clinton, her husband, and Barack Obama to hold rallies in the state. Right-wing lunatic Ted Nugent asked the crowd at a Trump speech, “Is the real Michigan ready to take Michigan back?” And then right-wing lunatic Donald Trump boasted that he had been honored as the state’s “Man of the Year,” puzzling reporters.
Michigan is a state that has certain casual demographic and regional markers that make it easy for outsiders to assume it is fertile ground for Trump: Midwest, white working class, Rust Belt. I was born and raised in the state, an experience that can (with equal plausibility) either be credited as familiarity or discounted as bias. I am here to tell you that Michigan is not a Trump state.
Ah, ignorance. But if ignorance is bliss, then why are the H8rs so angry all the time?

Now Jonathan Chait is telling us, "How Trump Bungled the Politics of Football."
First, it turned the question away from the style of the protest to the right to conduct it. The national anthem is a potent symbol of patriotism, but so is the First Amendment to the Constitution. “No, I don’t agree with [Trump], said University of Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh Saturday, “That’s ridiculous. Check the Constitution.
Even pro-Trump coaches and owners began to issue statements attacking the president. “I’m pissed off,” said Rex Ryan. “I supported Donald Trump. [These comments] are appalling to me … I never signed up for that.”
Second, it turned the pregame drama into an anti-Trump protest. The pregame kneel has now become a spectacle of resistance, with dramatic gestures of white players joining black ones to oppose the crude attacks from the great orange bigot. Fans who might have complained before about politics being inserted into football — as if the bloated displays of military might attached to the NFL were not a form of politics — could no longer miss that Trump was now more likely than anybody else to politicize the game.
This is mush thinking. As Glenn Reynolds wrote, "Trump’s got his opponents arguing against the National Anthem, so maybe he’s not as dumb as you think. But whenever you wonder why we’re in a situation where Trump’s driving this sort of narrative, remember that we got Trump because the respectable political class did such a sorry job that there was an opening for Trump."

This is a dumb fight for the NFL, but the NFL had no choice in this matter. The decision was made by people above the NFL's pay grade.

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin indicated Sunday night that he did not want offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva to stand for the national anthem, instead of sitting it out with the rest of his teammates.
Villanueva, a former Army Ranger who served three tours in Afghanistan, was the only Steelers player to stand for the anthem. While Villanueva stood in the tunnel, hand over his heart, the rest of the team remained in the locker room in protest of President Trump’s comments that players who kneel during the national anthem should be fired.
We have in one year seen the NFL go from one man not standing for the National Anthem to only one man standing for it for Pittsburgh.

There is a reason for this change.

Trump won.

There is no other way of explaining why we went from Colin Kaepernick kneeling alone to it being the in thing to do.

It's a business. That is what players say when they are cut. I understand, it's a business. The discipline they show in sticking to that script is uncanny and admirable. 

Players have a short shelf life. They do nothing to rock the boat.

And yet, after all the teams passed on signing Kaepernick, players suddenly risked being cut by kneeling in the exhibition games?

It is the same discipline. There's more to the story than we are being told.

To find who owns the NFL, follow the money. Disney (ESPN), Comcast (NBC), News Corp. (Fox) and CBS pay the league billions for broadcast rights. They make the players wear pink shoes each October.

Every February the NFL delivers Beatles-on-Ed Sullivan-level ratings for four straight hours with the Super Bowl. Cha-ching.

During the season, they make even more money.

If the networks wanted to stop this, the NFL would have.

But the networks hate The Donald. It's not just the newsrooms. It's not just the daytime troll panels. It's not just the prime-time schedule. The networks are globalists, and he poses a threat to their existence.

All the announcers also are on the same page. This is not a coincidence. Please understand, this stems from what a terrible month the resistance is having.

I cannot overstate the importance of that Pelosi-Schumer deal with President Trump on hurricane relief funding. They represent mainstream Democrats. They threw in the towel. The Russian probe is going no place fast. They want to hang on to their phony baloney jobs.

The media is desperate to stop him. They want to mount a popular resistance. They think this is it. They calculated that not many fans will boycott the league.

I have bad news for them. Jonathan Chait of New York magazine thinks so too.


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  1. They don't seem to have caught on how Trump controls the news without instigating anything.

    1. Yes, he is brilliant.

      This man smokes out people that hide behind political correctness for all to see. He exposes those that make one feel guilty for having a decent life and wanting to be rewarded for their efforts.

  2. Hait saying that Trump is the one politicizing the game is another instance of lefty projection. Accuse the other guy of what you've been doing all along.

    Funny thing about all this is the one thing they aren't accusing him of is something they've been working at desperately, especially their talisman president: transforming the nation.

    If Trump either brings the NFL to heel or destroys it this will be utterly huge, because the media will go down with sports if sports goes down.

    Just wait a few electoral cycles. It will be illegal for cities to increase taxes to support sports stadia, and baseball will lose her monopoly.

    1. B I N G O !


      Vote down any politician running for office or any proposal that will fund a stadium, arena, or park with taxpayer money for a professional sports team.

      So they are a private business? FINE. Then let them build their own facilities (like other businesses) to make outrageous amounts of money and insult the taxpayers - many of whom pay for the players and owners lifestyles yet could care less about professional sports.

      This is even worse then funding CNN, MSNBC, ESPN, etc. because you have a cable TV package.


  3. The military fly overs were never about politics, but about Patriotism. That is why Barry wanted to stop them.
    You won't find a more Patriotic crows than in a football stadium, at least that was the case prior to 2015.
    Now the left wants to chase Patriots, not the Faux Burro ones, out of the stadiums. Guess they don't need our money then.

    1. It's not "need"; they don't "want" our they won't get our money.

    2. Well, they need some body's money, you can't buy stadium beer on an EBT card, or can you?

  4. Trump reminds me sometimes of Howard Cosell. He infuriated people but did so by speaking truth many did not want to hear,but them came to accept. Long may he reign.

  5. "To find who owns the NFL, follow the money. Disney (ESPN), Comcast (NBC), News Corp. (Fox) and CBS pay the league billions for broadcast rights."

    And they get that money from advertisers, who pay based on audience numbers, and skim the rest as profits. When viewers decline, ad revenues go down. The NFL and their enablers listed above can ride this bucking bronco all the way down to bankruptcy. Perhaps after a few networks have a fire sale some entrepreneur can buy up enough of their equipment to cobble together a new, American network. Say, CTV - Constitution Tele Vision. - Elric

  6. For the same basic reason/motivation that the cameras never scan the crowd at Trump rallies, we shall soon hear Jim Nantz excitedly exclaiming about "the packed house" at (fill in the blank) Major Sucker Corporation Stadium. The cameras will then pan to about the first fifty rows. They WON'T pan any higher, because those seats will be empty. Good news for the folks in the nosebleed areas! Because they were asked to come down and fill in the first 50 rows!

    1. The networks have experience inflating crowd size from covering Hillary's campaign.

  7. I sent a note to NFL Sponsor USAA. Drop the NFL or I drop USAA.

    1. I did you one better and called them and cancelled everything and told the guy why.I asked him if he knew how USAA started as a military only ins company and asked if he severed,he said no but had family members who had,and I said I rest my case.

  8. The players, coaches, and owners have long politicized the NFL.

    There is a false contribution to the NFL rulebook on conduct in regards to the National Anthem.

    However, from their CBA from 2011, which is found online, there is a clause about punishing for conduct that is detrimental to the club and league.

    So, while the NFL states you cannot even wear a decal supporting the Dallas PD (CBA demands prior approval) and fines folks almost $10 grand for losing a playbook, the NFL believes not standing or being on the sideline for the National Anthem is just okey dokey.

    I love watching the NFL, mainly the Cowboys, and ringtone in the NFL theme, but they, the NFL is making it very, very hard.

    I cannot afford to take my family of six to their games for crying out loud and now this!

  9. I am a rabid Patriots fan that suffered through many disappointments over the years. Roughing the passer, Tony Eason, and two 1-15 seasons are just to name a few.

    The Brady-Belichick years have been great. I haven't missed a game since I can remember, but I will turn it off next week if the kneeling happens again.

    1. I watched the fans' reaction on youtube. I believe the team got the message. If not, oh well.

    2. As a Pats fan, I wanted the team to win its fifth SB to tie with the Steelers. Now that it's been done, I have no reason to ever watch another game. Mission accomplished! Time to move on.

    3. Unfortunately, the Steelers have 6 titles. The Pats are tied for 5 with SF and Dallas.

  10. first time I shut off the tv all day on NFL sunday ever yesterday. Shove it.

  11. Rex Ryan wants to keep his job as a network football analyst and gets paid a lot of money to do so. He has no future as an NFL head coach, having already failed twice. Jim Harbaugh works for the University of Michigan - hello?? - academia being a bastion of leftist SJW group think.

  12. A lot of folks elsewhere were talking about switching to supporting college sports more. *knock knock* Hello, time to wake up, these idiots came to the NFL from colleges. They were not radicalized in the NFL, but at the schools which failed to educate them. I turned off the NFL last year, and am ignoring the NCAA hoping they go away soon.

    1. The college-pro football/basketball enterprise is a house of cards. Require the colleges to pay their "student athletes" a respectable salary, and the house will collapse. Pro football and basketball are not tantamount to "slavery" as CK's gf claims, but big time college sports are as close to involuntary servitude as things get these days.

  13. If Goodell was worth a cold turd in a milk bucket he could stop the crap instantly. The league rulebook clearly states that standing for the anthem is mandatory, and lays out penalties even for first offenders.

    I have to conclude Goodell is an anti-America prick.

    1. I'm hoping that the next bunch of NFL players who get fined by the League office for wearing the wrong length socks, wristbands not on properly, etc., challenge the fines under the fact that if the League isn't going to enforce the stand for the Anthem rule, where do they get off enforcing anything????

  14. I understand that NFL players may not be - how can I put this tactfully? - overburdened with intellect. But if they can't look at Hollywood, and see that the Trump hate there is hurting the movie makers far more than it's hurting the President... maybe they really are dumber than that proverbial box of hammers.

  15. Idiots. The constitution and first amendment don't cover speech in the workplace. If a person trashes their company or embarrasses their company through injudicious use of their mouth, they are gone. The league could stop this in a blink of an eye. Jerry Jones has stopped it (I HATE the Cowboys).

  16. It will be in college soon. Penn state kept its players in locker room and off the field for the national anthem Saturday night in Iowa city. The iowa football announcers were stunned. The entire iowa team was standing goal line to goal line.