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Saturday, September 02, 2017

MS-13 gang members no longer welcome

President Trump has some sad news for MS-13.

The United States no longer will allow the gang to bring in recruits from Central America.

VĂ­ctor Manuel Ramos of Newsday reported:
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday [August 16] announced immediate termination of the Central American Minors Parole Program, saying the agency will “no longer provide special consideration of parole for certain individuals denied refugee status in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras” through a petitioning process established in late 2014 under President Barack Obama.
CAMPP is closed for the summer.
The Obama administration had viewed the program and its parole provision as an alternative to uncontrolled migration of unaccompanied minors across the border.
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, which administers the program, said a total of 1,465 people had come to the country under the parole program as of last week — 1,110 from El Salvador, 324 from Honduras and 31 from Guatemala. Another 2,714 people had been conditionally approved, but with the government’s action Wednesday 2,444 Salvadorans, 231 Hondurans and 39 Guatemalans lost the opportunity.
Liberals are upset.

We had an election.

America decided to reverse the course Obama set because it was headed for the cliff.

After giving the liberal side, the story ended:
Proponents of strict enforcement saw the parole program as lax policy.
“It seemed like a backdoor way of getting people into the United States,” said Ira Mehlman, spokesman in Washington, D.C., for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a group that advocates reduced immigration levels. “The assumption is that if we don’t let you in legally, that somehow it’s OK to break the law.”
Rule of Law.

Liberals should try it sometime.


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  1. Those two sentences should be brought together.

    Liberals are upset we had an election.

    Fixed it for you. First real election since 1980. Last one before that was 1972. I hope we have a real one next time, too.

    1. "Liberals are upset" is a truism for almost any sentence or words that follow.

    2. Que Ondo Guerro, Que Ondo Guerro (Beck) Hey, brother, hang tough with your women. You're the only rock they got, often hated, I can testify, but ultimately Right Like Limbaugh. The gender gap is the thing that amazes me most these days. Liberals HAVE become the movement of pissed-off women. And Liberal men get yelled at by them and cave, even as they get inwardly pissed-off themselves. What a way to live your life. Fuck, man...

  2. Libs think nothing bad can happen to them, because all the bad will happen to us (because they're in gated communities or wellllllllllll away from the "bad parts of town".

  3. For all the Libertarians going after Sessions, this is what he's been doing.

  4. This is just another IED emplaced by Obama. I'm sure we will be finding plenty more. - Elric

    1. Yeah, Elric, for his next trick he will show his audience how he made TARP disappear. Oops. Caught your bullshit in Balmer yesterday at the M&T branch in Catonsville, where dozens of blacks were flocking at 9:05 AM. That's where it went.

  5. From the Marathon Bombers to this nonsense, almost all "refugee" status is a scam upon the American taxpayer.

    I have vacationed in the three named counties, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Recently spent three weeks in Guatemala. They are poor in comparison to the US. But they don't have civil wars and have not had them for decades. They have areas where crime is high and areas that are safe, a lot like the US. There is no way we should be classifying people who live in these countries as "refugees." If your neighborhood in Chicago or Guatemala City has high crime, move to a neighborhood or a city with low crime.

    Bottom line is that 1 person in 20 in the world lives in the US. Probably 15 or 16 people in 20 in the world are poor by our definition. The population of the poorer countries are rapidly growing. We cannot solve the internal problems of the rest of the world by absorbing large numbers of their population into our country.

  6. Guess MS-13 misses the last administration.