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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

"Hillary's new beef: Putin's manspreading"

My response to Monica Showalter's brilliant column about Hillary bitching about Putin's posing:

The man most responsible for her loss is her husband, Bill.


  1. There was an article about the anatomical and physiological reason that men "manspread" and some women are prone to it too. It is the narrowness of the pelvis and the ball joint in the hip. Narrow hipped men especially with larger upper legs cannot cram their legs together for long lengths of time sitting without pain in the hip joint. Some wide, large bottomed and hipped women shaped like dumpy pears seem especially offended by this fact of anatomy. It is also the reason why a lot of men don't cross their legs at the knee. They find it uncomfortable. Because nature. Men with wider pelvis can. Forcing the hip joint to please an old harridan is not going to happen Hillary. Putin isn't shaped like you with massive hip spread.

  2. Look, we need to talk about Hillary.

    She needs therapy. Soooo much therapy.

    Can we, like, set aside a few tens of square miles of the Nevada Proving Grounds for it?

    1. Nuclear Medicine has progressed so far that it'll probably only take a low-yield dose: 100 kilotons sounds right.

      Just to be sure, though- better double it!

  3. Gotta wonder if Trump saw this coming.
    Everyone's been saying that bitter ignorant twisted clown Hillary should be in jail by now. But while she's so keen to make herself loathsome to absolutely everyone, why stop her?
    By the time she runs out of puff, the Democrat Party will be BEGGING the President to throw charges at her. The longer she rants, the longer the stink of her failure will stick with them.
    'Never interrupt your enemy when he is busy making a mistake' - Napoleon.

  4. Bill was the most responsible for her loss because she and her team would not listen to him.

    -Mikey NTH

  5. That pic of him looking sideways at all of his old attackers at the debate was worth the whole campaign. No one had ever challenged him like that. It also proved what cahones Trump has.

  6. Who can blame Bill for playing around?

    It's pretty obvious - nothing in the world satisfies Hillary Clinton.

    - Ken