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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Good news from the EPA

The federal agency responsible for the largest industrial pollution of a river -- turning the Animas River orange under Obama -- is cutting staff to 1980s levels as President Trump is paying people to leave.

While protecting the environment is important, the EPA turned into a bloated bureaucracy that became too large to control.

It became Frankengovernment, doing exactly what it was set out to prevent.

We need to trim the EPA and focus it on its basic duty of fighting pollution.

Now the first wave of 400 employees have left the EPA.

From the Wall Street Journal:
The departures come primarily from buyouts offered as part of President Donald Trump’s  efforts to fulfill a campaign promise of “tremendous cutting” at the EPA. His budget proposal in March suggested a 31% funding cut that would result in approximately 3,200 fewer jobs at the agency. 
The voluntary buyouts were offered in June to more than 1,200 workers. Almost a third of those eligible took the buyout and, coupled with a dozen retirements on Aug. 31, the agency trimmed its staff by about 2.5% in less than a week. Several dozen more workers could retire or opt to take the buyout later this month, which would cut EPA’s total number of employees to almost 14,400 workers, the lowest since 1988. Two years ago it had more than 15,500 employees nationwide.
“We’re giving long-serving, hardworking employees the opportunity to retire early,” EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said in a statement. “We’re proud to report that we’re reducing the size of government, protecting taxpayer dollars and staying true to our core mission of protecting the environment and American jobs.”
Bu-bu-but Trump isn't a small-government conservative.

Charles Krauthammer told me so.

And Glenn Beck, David Boaz, Brent Bozell, Mona Charen, Ben Domenech, Erick Erickson, Steven F. Hayward, Mark Helprin, Bill Kristol, Yuval Levin, Dana Loesch, Andrew C. McCarthy, David McIntosh, Michael Medved, Edwin Meese, Russell Moore, Michael B. Mukasey, Katie Pavlich, John Podhoretz, R. R. Reno, Thomas Sowell, and Cal Thomas.

Results matter, not rhetoric.


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  1. Over half the EPA who were employed before 2012 are eligible to retire so this is just a nice clean out of the worst offenders who co-opted a fairly decent idea into a interventionism nightmare. They used the EPA as a means to impose the Zwangswirtschaft (compulsory economy) for of socialism of the Nazis.

    The EPA comes close to imposing the similar conditions of the Royal Forests that prompted the imposition of Magna Carta upon King John.

    "You’re not allowed to cause any damage to the animals or greenery of the Royal Forest unless you pay for the privilege.


    What this means, essentially, is that if you own land that has been afforested by the crown, you now have to pay for the privilege to use your own land. If you own a bit of fenland that’s no good for anything but pigs, you have to pay pannage even though there’s no other use for it. If you want to heat your hovel in the winter, you’re paying estover for firewood and turbary for turf. If you want to keep a cow and that cow is going to eat grass, that’s agistment. That’s on land you theoretically own, mind."

  2. It is easy to see why leftists love "global warming/climate change so much. The EPA's own graphs show how much American air has improved due to the Clean Air Act. In a rational world, this would be hailed as success, but success in environmental wackism is failure because it doesn't help grow the government or draw contributions to the Sierra Club, etc. Once they made the colorless, odorless gas CO2 a "pollutant", however, there was virtually no limit to the new regulating they could do and alarmism they could spread.

  3. Talk mission creep. The EPA transmogrified from an agency created to looking for pollution to an agency creating pollutants where there were none before, just so they could regulate (and tax and fine) them. Congress should have reined them in a long time ago, but hey - Congress. - Elric

  4. Wouldn't the best way to get rid of Obama's political hires through government be to cut the budgets of the agencies? Wouldn't civil service laws force them to have to lay off those with least seniority first?

  5. Here's hoping the wave turns into a tsunami.

  6. I note the names in red are mostly "the usual suspects", but I'm surprised Thomas Sowell is there.

    1. I have endless admiration for Dr. Sowell, and have read most of his books. Nevertheless, he wrote a column for the despicable "Against Trump" issue of National Review. Just as I will never forgive Walter Russell Mead or Peggy Noonan for voting for the Obamanation, I can still hope for an apology for their errors.

  7. That list is worth the whole column. Classic.