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Monday, September 11, 2017

Friends of Coal thanks WV

Friends of Coal is just that. Formed in 2002 to counter a West Virginia government that wanted to tax and regulate the industry out of existence (Democrats controlled everything in the state including the Republican Party), Friends of Coal became a force of good for the state.

Note the logo on the helmet.

Its perseverance in the face of adversity is clearly an American attribute.

Under President Trump, coal is coming back. Friends of Coal today thanked its supporters.

From Friends of Coal:
CHARLESTON, W.Va. – An uptick in the state business index can be attributed mostly to the state’s coal industry, and the West Virginia Coal is thanking state lawmakers for helping the industry survive recent years of austerity.
According to a recent report by West Virginia University, the Mountain State Business Index jumped 0.3 percent in August, marking the index's 11th month-to-month gain over the past 13 months. Coal production accounted for the majority of the 0.3 percent increase in the MSBI, thanks to a 3.9 percent jump in output from the previous month.
“Thanks to the West Virginia Legislature, which has passed each component of the Coal Jobs and Safety Act over the past few years, our industry has been able to weather the regulatory storm that came out of Washington for eight years,” said Coal Association President Bill Raney. “Now that we have a more favorable attitude towards the coal industry at the federal level, we have renewed confidence that West Virginia’s coalfields will continue to play a major role in the state’s economic growth.”
Raney said the Coal Jobs and Safety Act legislation is a compilation of various business, safety and environmental updates that have allowed West Virginia coal to compete on a more level playing field with coal from other parts of the country.
“We hope the Legislature will continue working with our industry to help us gain a competitive market advantage, and simplifying our tax structure to level the playing field will be a big part of that,” Raney said.
The Mountain State Business Index report noted a surge in coal demand during the spring compared with previous years, and they see an improved climate for exports, which should buoy coal production over the next few years. Read more at
Critics point out that coal employs fewer people than it once did.

That misses the point.

Coal and the cheap electricity it provides are why we have aluminum plants.

The cheap electricity also makes it easier for a people living in a poor and elderly state; we call it Almost Heaven, but anymore it seems like God's Waiting Room.

Liberals yammer on about running out of coal.

The state has approximately 28 billion to 234 billion tons of coal left. The most it ever mined in a single year was 180 million tons. You do the math on how many years are left for mining. (Hint: at least 149 years mining at the record level.)

We had a post-coal economy. Democrats helped kill it. From the chemical industry to timber to casinos (euphemistically called tourism), West Virginia has had other industries that paid well, but it always comes back to coal.


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  1. They also miss the point that as the industry automates, jobs are created to support the machinery. Also the ancillary services that support coal mining employ many. The economic impact is felt among many more than just the miners.

  2. Lefties hate oil and gas, but they hated coal first, foremost, and forever.

  3. The biggest private employer in Montana is a palladium/platinum mine. These precious metals are primarily used in automotive catalytic converters to reduce air pollution. Democrat groups fought against the mine start-up 30 years ago, saying all the good paying jobs would be short-term (it is still operating). They also said the mine would harm wildlife and despoil the Stillwater River. All lies, as usual. The river's still good, the critters are fine, and locals are retiring with 30 years of service. Don't ever believe Democrats when they claim to care about blue-collar workers or the environment.

    1. Montana, Montana!
      Glory of the West!
      Of all the states from coast to coast
      You're easily the best!
      Montana, Montana!
      Where skies are always blue
      M O N T A N A
      Montana I love you!

      MK, great post.

  4. Big D, ya just made me spray my mouthful of adult beverage all over the table of my screened porch, like the ones old people have. Pure gold. The EP anymore looks like The Villages. You know, down in FLA. But besides energy, the biggest driver of this old fart area right now And lemme tell ya y'all, you want a starter replaced on your own 82 year old mother in law's car, bring it up to DubVee. And, they got it done in an hour and a half. In suburban DC, that job is at LEAST three times longer, twice the price. My peeps, gettin shit done. They all voted for Mr. T.

    1. And how'd the markets do today? PFG, Mr. T. We celebrated the win on Margo's XTerra with KFC and Subway. A rising tide lifts all boats. MAGA, Mr. T!!!

  5. Coal is coming back!

    Don, you make it sound so good I'm having to re-think that old idea of giving bad kids a lump of coal in their Christmas stocking.

    Now the good kids will get the lump of coal, and bad kids have to make do with an orange! ;-)

  6. Liberal friend to yours truly: "but farm boy, those people in wv dont want those coal mining jobs."
    Farm boy: blank incredulous stare and silence. Usual insufferable opinionated self at a loss for words.