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Monday, September 11, 2017

Antifa versus Tea Party

In 2009, opponents of the new president organized as the Tea Party.

Eight years later, opponents of another new president organized as the Antifa.

Both went to Washington to protest.

The Tea Party picked up its litter.

Police arrested more than 200 Antifa rioters.

The media called the Tea Party racist and violent.

The media calls Antifa anti-fascist. A few reporters have even run tweets of D-Day, equating Antifa's fight against fascism with America's efforts in World War II.

To be sure, there were flare-ups when communists from ANSWER confronted Tea Party protesters.

But nothing like this:
In case the Portland Police delete the tweet, it read, "Antifa is throwing irritant smoke and projectiles at police."

What does the media say about Antifa?

CNN ran a story last month, “Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement: Activists seek peace through violence.”

It later modified the headline to drop the reference to “peace through violence.”

Mollycoddling violence -- actual violence not old people waving their canes -- leads to more violence.


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  1. The media likes violence from Antifa because it is carried out on camera and so far has not involved firearms. It has a kind of Transformers quality suitable for age 13 viewing. Media types, perhaps from issues of low esteem, seem to like looking bad ass by associating with soldiers who have been in real combat or even criminals who have a "cause". The latter one might call the Patty Hearst syndrome except if you work in Manhattan after you remove your faux body armor you want to meet your fellow combatants at a nice brick walled bistro to trade war stories, not hide from the cops.
    Leftist violence always helps the cause of the right.

    1. The problem for the Enemedia is that their beloved little darlings, like the BLM rioters, do not want to be on TV or photographed by anyone who isn't one of their own.

      Apparently the Enemedia forgot about that newspaper photog that the BLM rioters tried to set on fire. They better remember it because their beloved Antifa darlings will do the same to them. IMHO they will deserve it-- if they want to be Antifa's whores they better not cry when they get pimpslapped by them. I certainly will not have any sympathy for them.

  2. The last president engaged in economic warfare against the Tea Party to the point of using the IRS to audit individuals and keep groups from being able to form.

    1. For which thanks to Sessions no penalty will be payed

    2. No argument from me on that.

  3. Did you see their ugly mugs in the arrest photos? We should thank them for wearing masks!

  4. Sorry to sound like Alex (who I seldom agree with), but there is an Infowar going on in America.

    Government Democrats and the MSM (same people that move back and forth in well-paying "jobs") have succeeded in labeling people they disagree to increase they power and influence. Example - Justice Gorsuch was labeled an extremist. Total nonsense. In the article from the NYT that Don published Saturday, Presidential candidate John Anderson was labeled by the writer as a "moderate Republican". Nonsense. Mr. Anderson was an extremely liberal Republican. Recently Google and Facebook - working with Media Matters, the SPLC, George Soros groups and the Communist Chinese government - wrote code to dissuade and sometimes totally block readers from sites they deem to be extreme. Those include 'The Daily Caller' (Conservative), 'The Washington Times (Conservative) and 'The Washington Examiner' (Moderate). Yet they have no problem with 'Salon', 'The Huffington Post' and hundreds of others that have no credential or editorial constraint at all - including writing sympathetic articles about the need to normalize pedophiles and be "tolerant" regarding their behavior.

    Most Americans over 45 can see through this. But the perception makers are playing the long game. As people now under 45 become the majority, their being indoctrinated as opposed to learning to be critical thinkers will have anyone in American politics to the right of Mao Zedong being labeled an extremist, radical, etc. It then follows that they will then be referred to as racist, bigoted, xenophobic, misogynist, and most importantly.....a meanie.

    1. They lie to us, but we're on to them.

  5. When you look at total viewers for the news shows, the percentage of Americans watching is low. I think the numbers are more accurate with digital technology (my cable company knows what I watch), but does not account for airports, etc.

    Still, out here in the country, those I know of all colors and beliefs don't follow the news much and when push comes to shove, they are still Americans. They just want to earn an honest days pay for an honest days work and take care of their families. I hope this holds true for the younger generations.

  6. In Washington, "Police arrested more than 200 Antifa rioters."
    So how many have shown up for trial? How many convicted/found guilty? What punishment? Any jail time?

  7. Antifa is a bunch of racist thugs. They are no better than, perhaps worse than, the KKK.

    1. Just remember the KKK was the militant arm of the Dimocrat Party just like BLM and Antifa now are. Why does the Dimocrat Party support thugs? COC

  8. So far it is easy to avoid Antifa. Just stay away from the lefty cities that coddle them.