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Thursday, August 03, 2017

I do not want Jim Justice in Our Party, Mister President

Democratic Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia ran as a friend of the people and a Trump supporter last fall.

Upon taking office, Justice treated the state taxpayers and the Republican Party like shit.


From Metro News on April 13:
Gov. Jim Justice showed state lawmakers what he thought of their $4.1 billion budget, vetoing it with a pile of bull manure Thursday.
Appearing before a crowd in the state capitol’s lower rotunda, Justice made his theatrical and smelly rebuke during a live-streamed news conference.
“We don’t have a nothing burger today, and we don’t have a mayonnaise sandwich,” Justice said in reference to his previous analogies for Republican budgets. “What we have is nothing more than bunch of political bull you-know-what.”
With that, Justice lifted the silver lid on a tray to reveal animal feces.
“For that very reason, I’m signing my name on the budget veto,” he said, “and I hope and pray that the silliness will stop and we’ll do the right thing.”
The governor’s veto means lawmakers will be called back into special session in order to adopt a spending plan before the July 1 start of the new fiscal year. No date has been set for that session.
Justice presented his own budget plan to lawmakers in early February. He changed it a few times during the past 60-plus days but it basically included an increase in the consumer sales tax, a B&O tax on businesses and a rich man’s tax.
Republicans worked 82 years to regain control of the Legislature in 2014.

Rewarding this manure expert, manure smelling, manure sized, manure like governor to our party is an insult to the voters of West Virginia and every Republican in the state.

President Trump leaked to the New York Times that he will do just that tonight in Huntington.

For the sake of the party, do not do this, Mister President.

As for the Legislature, impeach Justice.

UPDATE: Changed "We" in the headline to "I." Crowd in Huntington loved it.

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  1. Too late , evidently. I was hoping the President had something more worthwhile to announce... Mueller coup is making me crazy today

  2. Meanwhile Robert Mueller impanels a grand jury. Drip. Drip. Drip.

  3. RE: Mueller: you guys are going to feel pretty silly when you realize all of these leaks are just about 100% psyops...

    As for this gov switch, well, I can appreciate Mr.Surber's ire, but this has two benefits, at least overtly:

    1. It puts some pressure on Manchin to join the party as W.VA goes red for the next several decades, minimum.
    2. Another GOP gov, when the Dems are sinking like stones, is bad optics for the Dems and good optics for Trump/GOP (even if the larger GOP is a bunch of spineless jackanapes at the Fed level).

  4. I take it the legislature won't go for $4.1 Billion?


  6. Mr. Surber, I might have missed it but have you had any recent comments about your Senator, Caputo?

  7. The main reason I left the Proggie Donkeys back in 1986? I was tired of being told how to think and what to do. There aren't any Scoop Jacksons (hard right on defense), Bob Caseys (passionate pro life), or D.P. Moynihans (way skeptical of social programs) any more. If you don't toe their line, you're sent to solitary confinement. Yes, the current GOP can drive me stark raving sometimes, but we do have a diversity of opinion, which I think is crucial to the long term viability of a party. Barack Obama got elected twice because he was black. Period. And nobody in that party ever tried to reel him back in. That's why the Dems are getting their asses handed to them right now. The aw shucks shtick didn't work for me last year, but I think we can teach Jukin Jim the ways of The Force. It's worth a try. Next target: Status Quo Joe. Come on over, Joe. Come home, Joe.

  8. Oh Boo Hoo! Justice was always yours Surber. Justice was a life-long Republican until a few weeks before he filed to run for Governor and then switched to Democrat. "Mr. Undisciplined" (your words) has an "R" next to his name now. Embrace it.