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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Trump is reining in North Korea

A year ago, the Korean War continued in its 66th year with no end in sight.

President Trump may soon end it. Peacefully.

The United Nations and Red China fought a proxy war in Korea for three years before reaching a cease-fire 64 years ago. The Red Chinese were almost out of soldiers, and the allies were almost out of bullets.

Communists win battles by killing as many of their people as possible. Think Stalingrad.

Both sides got what they wanted. The South joined the 20th century and eventually became prosperous. The North reloaded.

The United States lost interest. While Bill Clinton was wasting the "peace dividend," Bush 43 was fighting terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Obama was playing with his selfie stick, Kim Jong Un developed nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missile capability.

Let's be honest. These nukes and missiles were made in China.

Enter The Donald. He knows the only leverage the United States has is that billion-dollar-a-day trade deficit with China that keeps the communist regime in power.

He had Chairman Xi for dinner at Mar-a-Lago in April. During the meal, Trump bombed Syria.

Two days later, a MOAB or two (and soldiers sent in to clean up any survivors) decimates the Islamic State headquarters in Afghanistan.

On vacation in Bedminister, New Jersey, while union tradesmen replace the HVAC in the White House, Trump ratcheted the rhetoric.

The swamp hated it. Democrats said Trump should be leading, not tweeting. Um, leadership requires communication.

Congressman Keith Ellison, the No. 2 Democrat at the DNC, said:
"You have this guy [Trump] making bellicose threats against somebody else who has very little to lose over there. Kim Jong-un, the world always thought he was not a responsible leader. Well, he's acting more responsible than this guy is."
Those Communists sure stick together. Why be polite? Call them what they are. And yes, Ellison is a Marxist Muslim.

On Stuart Varney's show on Fox Business, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell blasted the media for following Ellison's lead.
BOZELL: I can't recall anytime in modern American history or maybe in history at all, where the news media tried to rally the American people against the Commander-in-Chief. It is always been a case, no matter who the president was, that in a time of war, whether it was 9/11 or anything else, the country rallied behind the commander-in-chief by the media. 
These attacks, Stuart, are not coming just from left-wing radical guests. They're coming from the likes of NBC anchor Lester Holt, CNN anchor Jake Tapper and others. This is the quote, un quote, mainstream press. There is nothing mainstream about the news media anymore. As we have said many times, they want this man removed from office. This is the degree to which they're willing to go. 
But the media in America no longer matters.

Reporters are a joke. I write that not to hurt anyone's feelings. Many are hard-working and a few actually are conservative. But just as a few bad used car salesmen ruined that trade's reputation, so the Trump haters discredit the news business.

Of all people, the staff as CNN ran a story last week, "Trump's credibility crisis goes nuclear."

And there was this headline:
Why it could take months for the US to get ready for war with North Korea
Um no. We are prepared. We spent billions being and staying prepared. We got caught with our pants around our ankles in 1950. It won't happen again.

Meanwhile, the grownups see Trump not falling into the trap of American appeasement that Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama leaped into regarding North Korea.

From Alan Dershowitz:
“One hopes that the president is not doing what President Obama did years ago when he created a red line with Syria, and then it failed to comply.
“I think that probably President Trump at this point has more credibility. I suspect he’s believed because he’s so unpredictable. We saw it today that the North Koreans responded in kind. So, it’s hard to second guess. Some presidents have taken the position of speak softly and carry a big stick. That was Teddy Roosevelt. Other presidents have spoken forcefully and loudly. It really depends on the situation.”
From Cheryl K. Chumley:
Trump, who only responded in kind to the fiery rhetoric of North Korea’s bully leader, Kim Jong Un, hat tipped this recognition of America as the leader — as the best the world has to offer — with his response to the collective hand-wringing that went like this: “Maybe [my fire and fury comment] wasn’t tough enough.”
Bam. That’s what Americans do.
This isn’t to say North Korea is a cakewalk, or that Pyongyang’s threats to attack Guam should be taken lightly. But it is to say that when it comes to the war of words, Trump is hitting the nail on the head. North Korea has been shooting off its mouth against America for years, vowing destruction and demise, devastation and death.
Trump’s simple reminder of America’s historical greatness, and modern day strengths, is not a fueler of fire. It’s a tit-for-tat response, a long time in coming. And if this country hadn’t become so consumed by progressive ideology and socialist weakness and leftist and globalist calls for concession at all costs, then the media wouldn’t be so successful in slinging Trump as the bad guy here.
Remember that Kim’s the crazed aggressor. America, both historically and now, is the defender of freedom. We are America — standing tall in the face of adversity, unafraid to make a principled stand, fight a righteous fight, win either war of words or might.
It’s North Korea, not America, not Americans, who should be afraid, very afraid right now. 
From Conrad Black:
The incompetence, gullibility and lassitude of three successive administrations have dumped the horrible problem of North Korea into the lap of President Donald Trump. The shilly-shallying and pretend-resolutions that marked the old way of dealing with Pyongyang have come to a dead end.
If China does not use its influence to cool down the Kim regime, the United States should ramp up the pressure. It should make it clear through direct diplomatic contact that it will take draconian measures to eliminate the gluttonous Chinese trade surplus with the U.S., relax its opposition to the reunification of Korea, encourage and arm Taiwan's desire to be a permanently independent country, not renew the visas of the more than 300,000 Chinese students at American universities, and arm Japan and South Korea to the teeth.
If China does not cooperate, and Kim does not suspend his nuclear program — encouraged by face-saving and compensating American and allied guaranties that there will be no attempt to reunify the Korean Peninsula or overthrow the Kimist regime — a full conventional military preemptive strike will have to be made on all the nuclear-relevant and other offensive military sites.
We can at least be thankful that Barack Obama and John Kerry aren't called upon to deal with this nightmare, which their weakness helped to create.
Americans like to think North Korea does not matter.

Twenty years ago, we thought Osama bin Laden did not matter.


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  1. MacArthur was right and Truman was wrong.

  2. "Congressman Keith Ellison, the No. 2 Democrat at the DNC, said..." #2, heh, heh, heh. (I'm so juvenile this morning.)

    The main-stream, lame-stream enemedia...need I go on? No.

  3. I think we should negotiate with NK based on realistic assessment of their nuclear capability. In order to be able to do this in a well-informed manner they should be asked to test their armaments on, say, San Francisco and Los Angeles, then we can go to the bargaining table and see if they would like to peacefully occupy Seattle and Portland in exchange for giving up their nuclear program.

    1. Killing two birds with one stone, eh Doc? - Elric

    2. Their soldiers would defect...I was going to say immediately, but I've seen the traffic in Seattle and Portland, and it would scare those soldiers nigh unto death. And, of course, they don't speaka de lingo.

  4. Clinton, Bush and Obama, driven by Deep State, tried the same think over and over with North Korea expecting different results. Trump is doing something different. Who's the crazy ones?

    Saw a quote of Obama saying we "could" destroy North Korea. Trump doesn't go for the passive and said we "will" if they want to keep pushing it.

  5. Madeleine Halfbright and Dennis Rodman have assured us that North Korea poses no problem. To the libs and media, they are normal. Thank heavens our MAGA POTUS is in charge.

  6. Great article. Thanks.

    I want to add a point, though, that the media should never be underestimated. For instance, the media paints a false picture that many non-political Americans take as reality -- for instances would be that the media has people believing that they are in the minority if they like Trump's immigration plan or don't think men should have access to women's restrooms or think Obamacare isn't terrific or BLM fanatics are killing cops or, for that matter, that a white cop shot a black who had his hands up, etc., etc. So, maybe the media will report the news instead of their hate if there is military action in North Korea, but for now, they are taking whatever side Trump isn't on in anything and implying that everybody thinks like them.

    1. If the enemedia ever stop that, my guess is it will take two years more for us to recognize it and begin to believe they MIGHT have stopped.