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Friday, August 18, 2017

Lawmaker wears burqa. Offends liberals

Australian Senator Pauline Lee Hanson of Queensland wore a burqa to Parliament.

This has blown away liberals in that country's media.

Her fellow senator from Queensland, Malcolm Roberts, defended her on an Australian news show.

“I’m very, very proud of her courage and strength and commitment to this country,” he told the program.
“It’s amazing, we have people who say it’s offensive for her to wear a burqa and yet they don’t say it’s offensive for women to be forced to wear the burqa.”
Ms Alberici then asked Senator Roberts how many people he knew who had been forced to wear the burqa.
“We’ve read about it,” Senator Roberts replied.
“And we’ve seen pictures of female captives from ISIS, who were released and burnt their burqas.”
“In Australia?” Ms Alberici asked.
“No. Overseas.”
Senator Roberts was then queried how many terrorist attacks in Australia or elsewhere have been the result of people wearing burqas.
“It’s the Islamic ideology that’s the problem and what the burqa does to women. We have a woman with courage standing up for women,” he said.
Ms Alberici then put it to Senator Roberts that Senator’s Hanson’s actions were mocking and ridiculing Australia’s Muslim community.
The Senator then produced a rather confusing argument.
“I think it’s offensive to put women down,” he said.
“And in Australia with our set of values people are seeing this (the burqa) as an affront to women, homosexuals, an affront to Australian values.”
What a great stunt. Roberts and Hanson rubbed the liberal noses in their Islamomania.

Liberals want to destroy Western values and start over again.

These are the values that will take over.

Majority Christian nations are tolerant. Majority Muslim countries are not.


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  1. How did they KNOW that was HER? Coulda been anyone of the right size.

  2. When you open the doors of perception everyone sees something different. Check out Scott Adams' blog on the current state of mass hysteria on the Left. - Elric