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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Global warming to cause more solar eclipses

That's right.

Global warming will cause more total eclipses of the Sun.

It is basic science.

Most air is nitrogen, which makes up 79% of our atmosphere.

The atomic weight of carbon dioxide is 44.01 g/mol.

The atomic weight of nitrogen is 14.0067 u ± 0.0001 u.

Clearly there is a big difference.

The increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide makes the Earth's atmosphere more carbon dioxic.

This re-positions the Moon as it orbits Earth, placing the Moon in the sweet spot for a solar eclipse more often.

We haven't even had a total eclipse touch the Lower 48 of United States since March 7, 1970, and now suddenly, after 47 years, we will have one that slices right through the country in 11 days.


And then another one will cut through us in seven years on April 8, 2024.

More coincidence?

And then on August 12, 2045, a third one will cut through the Lower 48 of United States.

That's three total solar eclipses slicing through our country in 28 years after going 47 years without one.

Wake up, sheeple.

It's global warming.

And it is taking away our Sun.

Eventually, the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere will position the Moon to block the Sun -- permanently.

Repent, sinners! Give up all your material possessions and modern conveniences. It is the only way the world.


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  1. Good thing we made it to the moon before global warming hit us, or they may not have been able to escape the earth's pull.

  2. We could blow up the moon. No more eclipses. - Elric

    1. No more tides, too...
      except one gigantic solar tide...

    (Slap) Thanks, I needed that.

  4. Looks like the only thing we can do... yes, that's right, the ONLY thing, is to:

    Erect HUGE STATUES of Al GORE!

    Just to be safe, we should put 'em wherever it gets hot... or cold... or stays the same. That should do it!

  5. I thought I was hit by a piece of falling sky but it was just a pigeon.

  6. Nonsense, Don.

    The Moon has moved closer to the Earth, that's all.

    But not because of that gravity koolaid. The Warmies have just increased the Earth suckiness factor.

  7. Technically CO2 is replacing oxygen since we are burning carbon with O2. There's no change in the volume of the atmosphere because a mole of CO2 has the same volume as the mole of O2 it replaced.

    Fortunately the catastropharians haven't yet cottoned onto this loss of can imagine the headlines.

    1. Yeah, but plants (PLANTS: Trees, flowers, bushes, and crops raised for food!!!!!) are sucking up (or down) a LOT of that CO2. As a NUTRIENT!!!!! Oh, my stars and garterbelts!

  8. Big D!?! 1979. Great Falls, Montana. I was there, man. Totality. Totally.

  9. One man's garbage, another plant's treasure.