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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Advice for James Damore, the fired Google employee

Yesterday, it sucked to be James Damore because Google fired him for telling the truth about tokenism.

Today, being James Damore is great because he can start his own damned company, make his own damned fortune, and not be beholden to a mammoth corporation that sees employees not as individuals but as different colors and sexes in some sort of "Teach the World to Sing" Coke commercial.

That is an abomination. I guess if the money is good, some people settle for it, buy a house, and raise a family.

But some people are destined for other things.

Damore is a young man who wrote a 10-page memo questioning Google's "Teach the World to Sing" Coke commercial diversity program.

That was not a wise decision. He told the truth and the truth scares Marxists, and so they had to publicly humiliate them.


Google is a company founded by white men and built into a success by white men. Its principals made piles of money. They have reached the point where they now want to preen about social justice and the like. Let them. They earned their virtue signaling.

But Damore has to look out for himself. He cannot be defined by the firing. He has to use the experience as a stepping stone to grow up and pursue his dream.

First, his temptation to sue is a lousy plan based on emotion.

He would be up against Goliath's Bigger Brother. Google can hire every lawyer in the known universe.

Damore will wind up with Lionel Hutz.

The lawsuit -- merit or not -- would tie him to Google for decades.

Why do that?

Damore is free. Liberated. He is young, talented, and now knows who his friends are. He has acknowledged the truth, and he knows it was true because he paid the consequences for speaking truth to power.

The world stands before him, waiting for the next great idea. His story has just begun.

It sucked to be him yesterday.

But this is today.

And tomorrow will be even better.


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  1. I read that Mr. Damore filed a complaint with the NLRB before he was fired. Google may find themselves up against a sticky wicket. - Elric

    1. Indeed. ; "...Can you say, Antitrust Litigation?"

      Look what it did for Microsoft and IBM. The Gubmint can really bind up a company, if it wants to.

    2. This is the most straightforward Wagner Act violation I've seen in years.

  2. He should have sent his essay to The Washington Post or New York Times as anon. He still would have a job and no one would know what he thought.

    1. The Times or Post would have hunted him down like a Trump appointee, then printed the article so he could then be terminated by Google.

    2. Not to mention they would've doxxed him and the SorosStooges would make it impossible for him to live anywhere.

  3. California you cannot be fired for your political views as long as you don't actually discriminate. Also, in California, you cannot fire someone who is trying to address work space grievances, especially around something like this.

    It might tie him up forever and not be worthwhile. California certainly wouldn't want to let themselves be bound by their own laws.

    But all businesses also make calculations on how much it is worth to pursue such a suit. Settling and getting a victory might be easier than you might think.

    I might just move on as well - I think its wise advice by Don and wouldn't dismiss readily - but I also like making these guys live up to their own rules.

    Live by Alinsky, die by Alinsky. Why not.

    1. If what you and others have written is correct, if Google has violated state and federal labor LAW, Damore would not have to bring a private civil suit against the company. The lawsuits would likely be filed by the California and Federal Departments of Labor. He'd have to file the proper complaints with them, but they would take it from there. Big difference.

    2. "The lawsuits would likely be filed by the California and Federal Departments of Labor"?
      The people in these departments have the same ideology as the people who fired him.

    3. Maybe you should consult a California Labor Law attorney before posting next time, eh?

  4. i read his memo. He actually cared about the topic and thought he was helping his company. But he missed the point. The people who founded Google and run it now would never put the company at risk just for reasons of diversity. They are bloodless. They know the world as it is not as some social justice failure wants it to be. Perhaps the writer took himself too seriously. But that he wrote it all shows how oppressive it is to live, not high in the white tower where the multitude below appear to have no discernible human shape, but in the sweltering midst of an oppressive scrum one cannot escape. As I read his pathetic protestations of orthodoxy " I'm a liberal" and his repeatedly stated desire not to offend, I thought of Winston Smith and the telescreen, the memory hole, the cage of rats, the clocks striking 13.
    This guy should definitely take Don's advice. No one in Silicon land is going to listen to him.

  5. The best response it to change you default search engine. For extra satisfaction let google tell you how.

    Where it says "select google" select something else.

  6. How much better to be free and liberated with a few million dollars of Google "Go Away" money in the bank.

  7. Marxists absolutely, totally did not humiliate him, the damn fools elevated him.

    I suspect the clever lad ju jitsued the fools.

    He was a nobody, now he's a big time somebody.

  8. What you're missing is he's not looking for a legal judgement. Google will settle to get it off the front page. Secret settlement, details can't be revealed. Damore's playing for the settlement, not judgement

    1. You make a lot of sense. Had not thought of the settlement end.

  9. The damage Google just inflicted on itself is going to be much worse than any monetary settlement paid out to him. This is a PR nightmare for them and now they are spotlighted for anti-trust actions.

    Death to Google.

  10. Lots of major corporations and businesses do not care about everyone's perception, just a certain segment of society's.

    Google does not care if one their employees think it's a leftist oppressive SJW signalling workplace.

    They will continue to make lots of $$$ nevertheless.

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers was a statement against the 1950's conformity and authoritarianism.

    It is now applicable to the SJW/leffist jackboots who demand you to bow and cower at their moral and intellectual "superiority".

    What they do not get, but this liberal found out, is that the pack, the emotionless pod people, can easily turn on it's own.

  11. I'd sure like to see him make Gpoogle suck a big hotchie, whatever that means.

  12. His lawyer(s) will be A+. The guy was a top rated chess champion, so he is planning many moves ahead. Google has money to spend on lawyers, but they have so much money and documented dirty laundry (see interviews on Breitbart) that they are a big fat juicy target for a lawyer. And lawyers LOVE money. The lawyer can justify it as being about free speech, all the way to the bank. I was surprised google did not write a couple of million dollar check to get him to resign and go away, but there seems to be other lawsuits going on. Plus a fed investigation.

  13. He can do both. Google is sitting on a pile of money, and smart hungry lawyers will work on a contingency basis to get a chance at a slice of that; he was smart enough to lawyer up before he was fired, I wouldn't rule out his chances just yet.