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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Writers exhausted by Trump

The latest whine from the Left is that President Trump has worn out the writers for the late-night shows.

They have mocked him for two years -- and he's still here.

Poor dears.

They are learning the difference between satire and sarcasm.

The former is Jonathan Swift.

The latter is a bunch of bored eighth graders -- or in this case, writers for late-night shows.

From Variety:
“I don’t want this job” was the general feeling among the writers who gathered Saturday at the Television Critics Assn. summer press tour in Beverly Hills for a panel titled “Has Politics Made Late-Night Great Again?” Panelists included Ashley Nicole Black, a writer for “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee,” Christine Nangle, head writer for “The President Show,” Hallie Haglund, writer for “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,” and Jason Reich, head writer for “The Jim Jefferies Show.”
The quotes were funnier than any of the monologues they have written.

Nangle: “The only good thing is it’s unearthing part of our country that people didn’t know existed. There’s so much more hate and resentment than we possibly could have imagined … This man didn’t come out of nowhere.”

Yes, liberals now really show the hate they hid all those years.

Reich said of keeping up with the news: “I just find it exhausting. It’s hard to find it fun.”

Why do I get the feeling this guy could find fun at a clown convention?

Haglund: “It can get really boring to deal with this same person provoking the same level of outrage with everything he does. To try to find a new way to go after that can be really boring.”

Yes, you are boring us with the same F-U jokes night after night.

More Haglund. She said they would go a week without using a clip of Obama. Now: “It’s exhausting as much as it is upsetting and boring.”

Here's an idea, change topics!

Reich: “I wonder how much is preaching to the choir. We’re not really going to convert anyone but we’re trying to point things out that people may have missed.”

LOL. Therein lies the problem. They are not trying to be funny. They want to convert people to the Church of Politically Correct Thought.

More Nangle: “When Trump won on television, and everyone was, ‘How did this happen?!’ – this is how. [The media] ignored a whole segment of people who feel this way.  What satirists can do is… go deeper into that part of country a lot of people did not even think existed.”

Um, no.

Satirists work best when they mock the elites. Hans Christian Andersen wasn't mocking children when he wrote, "The Emperor's New Clothes," he was mocking the people who today run late-night shows.

But the elites don't see their nudity.

Nangle: “It’s hard because you don’t want to say to a Trump voter, ‘You’re so stupid, you got conned,’ people will retreat into, ‘No, I’m right, I’m right'.”

Gee, when you call a person stupid, he does not laugh.

No one laughs.

Maybe that is the whole point -- to take away America's laughter.

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. Carson's jokes were at the expense of everyone in Washington, regardless of party. These days he'd be joking about Pelosi and Schumer as much as Ryan and McConnell. Everyone in Washington deserves to be joked about, and his writers knew that. If the current crop of writers is bored with their jobs, maybe they need a change of career. I hear coal mining pays well...

    1. Antenna TV runs Carson reruns. Either DVR it or tune in some time. You can get it on cable or OTA.

      Carson was a leftard piece of shit. The sparing "equal air" or fairness in his monologues was less than lip service.

      I pray that sack of shit is roasting in hell where he belongs.

  2. Leftists insist that Trump supporters are motivated by hatred and fear. But the truth is that most of the people who support Trump are motivated by love and idealism.

    Love of America, and a desire to restore the ideals that made this country great.

  3. My favorite partial quote: "There's so much more hate and resentment than we possibly could have imagined...."

    First, let me say that most of what you are seeing, you little commie puke, is PATRIOTISM. It is love of country that feels like hate to you, because it is antithetical to what you feel for this country, which amounts to utter loathing.

    Second, what you considered insults were in fact, basic truths about us -- but in attempting to insult us, the left revealed the ugliness behind its own mask. Case in point: when Obama accused those of us in flyover country of being "bitter clingers," to our guns and our religion. My personal response: Of COURSE I cling to my Bible and my AR 15, especially because of the likes of you!" But what Obama revealed with that comment was his contempt for Judeo-Christian values (like hell Obama is a Christian) and his contempt for the second amendment (like hell will the left disarm me).

    Third, when the left started telling ignorant lies about average, everyday citizens, that's when the pushback got real, but you were so busy telling each other how awesome you are that you never picked up on it. Example: Obama's moronic quote: "If you have a business, you didn't build that." That's when I went from thinking Obama was a lightweight to thinking he was fully retarded. Just who DID build my business, you twit? Who was that who spent many sleepless nights hoping clients would pay their bills so that I could feed my family? Who was that who pulled all-nighters to complete difficult projects for demanding clients in hopes of follow-on business? Who was that who spent kids' soccer games on the phone trying to pull together a deal, while also trying to cheer on the team. Hint: Obama, you freakin jack ass, it was never you. Never. It was me.

    So yes, you special snowflake-of-a-comedy-writer, there's a little bit of terseness and irritation out here in the land of real life.

    1. Could not have said it better, Mom. Good one.

  4. Comedy is the most difficult dramatic art. And in the case of TV is mostly a result of the writing. On the other hand great genius like Carson or Caesar often call up the best talent out of the void and by chance they are there. Caesar had 8 writers including Woody Allen and Carl Reiner. Carson was a most gifted comedian himself and could write his own stuff which helped a great deal. Who are these present late night talents? Not much. They deserve to be garnished by the stunted radishes Don has dug up for us to smell.

  5. Suuuuuure, they can insult Trump. But the real deal is, Obama was NOT FUNNY. With Trump, the writers and performers are NOT FUNNY.

  6. There are people called "adrenaline junkies" who get a rush, get high, on taking risks. Shooting rapids, bungee jumping - whatever.

    Donald Trump is a conflict junkie. That's my assessment. He loves conflict - sparring, trading jibes and jabs, putting another down hard, winning the game, and so on. If my assessment is correct, then he figured that out with the WWE stuff, and the reality TV stuff, and all of the rest. If there is a Klieg light than Donald Trump is elbowing his way to the front.

    So the writers are worn out? Are the politicians worn out? No? Just wait. Only 6 months have gone by and (a) you spend more time commenting on his tweeting - by multiples of hundreds - than he does with the tweet, and (b) he came straight from the Soap Oprah world and that is all you do talking about him and his tweets; meanwhile (c) he is getting a lot of things done that does not require a panicky Congress to get done. (Please check the press releases from the various agencies and the CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) to see what boring no-drama-no-fun stuff has been going on in all of the non-Soap-Oprah areas.

    And for the love of all that is holy - please do not draw attention to the work and continue to point everything to the Soap Oprah stuff Trump does.

    - Mikey NTH