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Sunday, July 02, 2017

Quit tweeting, and get to work, media

The news media says it provides vital information to the Republic.

Here is the top news at this hour:

Fox News: "Trump tweets video of him wrestling down."

ABC News: "Trump tweets video of him attacking CNN logo."

Business Insider: "Trump tweets video of him body slamming and punching 'CNN'."

Washington Examiner: "Watch: Trump clotheslines CNN in Twitter video"

Washington Post: "Trump appears to promote violence against CNN with tweet."

The New York Times must have been stuck in traffic in downtown Arkansas.

Media a-twitter over a Trump tweet (yawn).

Where's the news? Where's the information? Where's anything except navel gazing?

A re-worked clip of am old Wrestlemania is a nothingburger, but that is all these self-appointed great guardians of the Republic offer these days.

Trump puts them in danger?

I have a reminder for those frothing-at-the-mouth Trump haters.

Two days before Trump’s inauguration, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer started a segment by asking, “What if an incoming president and his immediate successors were wiped out on day one?” During a War on Terrorists, Blitzer casually speculated about the simultaneous assassination of the president, vice president, House speaker, and Senate president pro tempore – Republicans all. Trump’s Cabinet had yet to be confirmed.

And now Trump is over the line?

As expected, CNN went all Defiant Girl over this with a tweet back dripping with self-righteousness.
Actually, CNN, President Trump is doing his job.

He issued 37 executive orders, appointed a Cabinet, signed the repeal of 14 laws, re-opened NAFTA, got Israel and Saudi Arabia on the same page to fight terrorism, renewed the embargo of Cuba, dealt with North Korea, et cetera.

We are winning so much that I have lost track of all we have won.

Trump earned his holiday.

What has CNN done?

It has spent the last nine months refusing to accept defeat at the polls. The lies about an imaginary Russian connection -- there is not one iota or smidgen of proof -- are so thick and so blatant that the network's real fear is not being body-slammed by Trump, but by being sued by Anthony Scaramucci for defaming him with a false accusation.

CNN should have ignored Trump's tweet.

But Jimmy Olsen Acosta fired off a tweet: "Isn't pro wrestling fake?"

All his little friends congratulated Little Jimmy, until Trump tweeted: "Yes, just like your coverage."

In his video tweet, Trump mocked CNN.

Now CNN pretends a video is the same as an attack.

There is only one way for the media to regain lost its credibility: Stop gazing at their damned navels and whining about tweets, and start reporting actual news.

Instead of taking umbrage, take up the pen and pad, and hit the streets looking for actual news.

Stop caterwauling about the First Amendment. It does not cover sloth, envy, or incompetence.

Get off Twitters, and go out and do your jobs!

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. Trump is going all "Alinsky" on CNN. Gotta say.....what a visual show! Ridicule is all about degrading your opponent. Effective ridicule means reputational damage that's impossible to repair.

    Is it too much? Please.... beheading and assassination is the marxists call to action. Trump whaling on "FNN" is effective ridicule. He should have used the chair, imo😸

  2. Opps, Little Jimmy Acosta just blew the narrative which is that Trump is advocating violence toward media & CNN in particular. But, per Little Jimmy WWE and therefore Trump's video is fake violence.

    Too bad, Little Jimmy, you might be headed to re-educaion camp..

  3. There's an old movie called Housekeeper's Daughter made in 1939 where an aspiring journalist gets drunk and begins openly admiring the genius of an older reporter who when news is slow just starts making it up. I'm not into putting clips of movies out there (I don't know how), but someone with that particular skill could make a neat little meme out of that.

    1. Thanks for the movie info Doc. I'm going to watch it.

  4. The Crap News Net Strikes (Out) Again.

  5. And for the follow-up, Kellyanne Conway going Mammy Yokum on the NYT and WP.

    "Ah has spoken!"

  6. If this doesn't win Troll of Year award for 2017, I'll eat my hat. It'll have been the Rooshk-uns. Or an alt-right conspiracy. Or those damned Koch brothers. They fixed it so Trump won.

    Trust me: If Andy Jackson could have done this, he would have. CNN is lucky that dueling is no longer the preferred method of settling an insult.

    1. In those days, duels were fought not so much to kill the opponent as to demonstrate a willingness to risk one's life for one's honor.

  7. I almost wet myself watching the video. PDJT is a genius. Winning hasn't felt so good in a long time.

  8. Imagine a short video of PDJT with a red laser driving the little MSM guys crazy.

  9. You're forgetting, don...

    To the Left,

    "Tweeting is Caring" "Tweeting is 'making a difference',"
    "Tweeting is 'speaking truth to power' "

    How dare you take that from them?