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Thursday, July 06, 2017

President in Poland

No nation has sent more men to defend the liberty of other nations (such as Austria, France, and America) and yet has enjoyed so little freedom in its history than Poland.

Which is why I am overjoyed to see the Poles embrace our president and first lady on their trip to the G20 summit.

Like people in most nations, the Poles realize our last president was a politically correct token -- an insipid incompetent -- whose world view was shaped by the anti-capitalism of his father.

The world saw the empty suit we elected in 2008 and re-elected in 2012 as an opportunity for despots, and a nightmare for freedom.

The Donald is making America great again -- and the Free World cheers.

From the Daily Mail:
The nation of Poland prepared a hero's welcome for U.S. President Donald Trump in advance of his Wednesday night arrival in Warsaw. But the Polish government executed a decidedly understated ceremony to greet Air Force One at Chopin Airport.
Lawmakers in the formerly communist nation see in Trump a mirror of their own brand of nationalism that has seen many Poles bristle against an iron-fisted European Union centered on Germany.
Among the European nations, Poland is one of the holdouts against the notion of resettling massive numbers of foreigners.
'The Polish government has the same position as Americans — we want strict restrictions on refugees,” legislator Krzysztof Mróz told The Wall Street Journal. 
For Trump's arrival, President Andrzej Duda sent his top aides to put on a far smaller affair than the all-out pomp and circumstance that awaited the U.S. leader in Saudi Arabia when he deplaned on his first foreign presidential trip six weeks ago.
While the accompanying American press nattered on about their phantom menace -- a Russian steal of the election -- Radio Poland reported the news.

From Radio Poland:
US President Donald Trump said during a visit to Warsaw on Thursday that America has “never been closer to Poland”.
His comments came after face-to-face security and trade talks with Polish President Andrzej Duda. Trump said: “The president and I concluded a productive meeting in which we reaffirmed our enduring bonds of friendship [which] have united our citizens for a long time. We’ve never been closer to Poland, I think, than we are right now.”
Duda said Trump’s visit underlined the strength of ties between Poland and the United States. Duda said: "I am extremely pleased with this visit to Warsaw, which is one of the first international visits by the president, because it highlights our ties and the high quality of the alliance between Poland and the United States."
He added: "It also demonstrates that we are and both consider ourselves to be loyal partners, as those who work together on many levels” including in NATO. Polish politicians have been hoping for a Trump commitment to the long-term deployment of US troops in Poland, which is worried about regional security following the Russian annexation of Crimea in 2014.
Trump told reporters: “Poland’s been right there with us, training Iraqi special forces and flying reconnaissance missions, and just about any time we requested they were there."
He added: “Brave Polish soldiers have fought and worked side by side in Iraq and Afghanistan and on behalf of all Americans I want to solute you, I want to thank you.”
FDR sold out the Poles in World War II for Soviet aid in defeating Germany.

And they know Obama would sell them out on a minute as well.

But they are willing to trust us a third time.

Please don't let them down, Mister President.

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. "From Radio Poland:..."

    Bring back short wave radio (and up the broadcast power to 1930's levels).

    The #fakemedia is literally establishing a 21st century iron curtain in America.

  2. Any country that's produced the likes of Lech Walesa, John Paul II, and Vaclav Havel is worth a friendship. Good move, Mr. T. Shame on you, Mr. Obummer.

    1. I think Havel was Czech. But agree with the post.

    2.'re right, Schlongy. Minus 800 from my Jeopardy account.

  3. Flipped through some channels. MSNBC couldn't trash his speech enough. CNN and MSNBC are the new Polish jokes.

  4. Back when Polish jokes were all the rage, I learned that, after 4 bloody months of trying, when the Limeys, the Yanks, the Kiwis, and the Indians had all failed, the Poles were the ones who finally made it to the top at Cassino.

    They are a great people and know a friend when they see one.

    1. like Aggie jokes in Texas, the Aggies are the smart ones - the engineers who make $hit work.

    2. Poland has long been a poor mostly agricultural nation. In WW2 they put up one heck of a fight, and kept the resistance movement going.
      They were also the power that cracked the Iron Curtain. Solidarity.
      Finally, they are the main resistance to the invasion of rapefugees that Merkel has been the welcome mat for.
      My heritage is Polish, German, Swiss Italian and Jewish. I hate myself.

  5. Saw that somebody in the crowd in Warsaw was holding up a Confederate flag; I'm sure the media will be all over that and telling us how racist, sexist, yadayadayada the Poles are and ignore everything else about his visit.
    Chris Plante made the point that, when it comes to Europe, Poland is Flyover Country to lefties and the media (but I repeat myself). So true!

  6. The Poles KNOW about communism and communists, and want no more of it. Or invasion by anyone.

  7. I loved President Trump's speech. My favorite line: "The people not the powerful are the foundation of freedom and the cornerstone of its protection."

    It's on YouTube and several places have it posted. Listen to the whole thing. And with all things Trump, ignore what the media says about the speech. See how it is received by its audience (cheers and a standing ovation). And hear the sincerity of the speaker. It is a cautionary tale.

    And a reminder of the horror Germany perpetrated and Russia tried to finish. Sounds like more of a forecast for today than a memory.

    Germany is still trying to finish off Europe.

    BTW - I read (somewhere this morning) of the natural gas deal Trump is making with the three governments threatened by the EU, including Poland. Why is there no discussion of that anywhere? I'd like to know more about it. Perhaps this is just one more thing to boil Merkel's blood...
    ~Carolina Kat

    1. Here is an article I found on possible LNG trade.

  8. "last president was a politically correct token"

    Admit One, Coney Island.

  9. Principle, policy, politics: Trump has combined them all in this visit to Poland.

    There was a large-scale Polish migration to the US between 1900-1920, most of whom settles across the Midwest from Western PA through the Great Lake states -- PA,WV, OH,IN ,IL,MI, and WI.

    I grew up around many of their descendants who are fiercely American, but proud of their heritage. They will line up around the block to vote for Trump in 2020 in their critical swing States.

  10. What is Poland?

    Perhaps, a voice crying in the wilderness. For about a hundred years or more.