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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Military does not need Trump's permission to do its job

Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina told a tale on President Donald John Trump that some in DC may think was a put down of the commander-in-chief.

The tale was the opposite of that.

Graham spoke at "the low-ceilinged basement of Hill Country Barbecue Market on Thursday evening," Elaina Plott of the Washingtonian wrote.

From her story:
Graham entertained the crowd with a story about an early-morning phone call with Trump during which the President relayed a conversation he’d had with Defense Secretary James Mattis.
“We’re asking permission to send 50 of our soldiers into a village outside Raqqa,” Mattis told Trump, according to Graham. “Why are you calling me?” Trump replied. “I don’t know where this village is at.” Mattis told him, “Well, that’s what we’ve done for the last 8 years.”
Trump, Graham said, then asked, “Who’s asking to go into that village?” Mattis told him, “A major, first in his class at West Point.”
“Why do you think I know more about that than he does?” Graham said Trump asked. “And then he hung up.”
Graham said Trump’s habit of deferring to Pentagon officials on military operations “is gonna win this war.” But the room’s laughter as the tale revealed a collective understanding of the value that comes when Trump doesn’t meddle.
I voted for Trump in part because he let's people do their job.

That is why men like General Mattis signed up for the tour. They know they don't need permission to do their job.

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

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  1. Well, I've heard that Gen. Mattis has a kill everybody else in the room/house/building/area of deployment.

  2. I doubt if Obama ever personally made a decision like Mattis asked for. He probably called Jarret or even Michelle to make it, especially on a golf day. He was always afraid he would get a question about civilian casualties from his left wing, the reason he went to drones, so he could kill in secret, only announce victories, never failure, invincibly smart war lord that he was. Of course he needn't have worried. He was never asked anything not scripted for him in advance.
    The press is silent about Mosul and elsewhere in Iraq. The intense misery they and their incompetent dark idol caused there solely to avenge the pique and envy they suffered under Bush is being reversed by a man they despise even more. They would shirk every 1A duty, deny every sacrifice made in blood to achieve this progress than acknowledge the men who are making it happen. And why bother. A check from Bezos or Time Warner or Mexico will always be in hanging in the mail slot Friday morning.
    In fact like all chained dogs, their arrogance has increased. Trump went to see the press poodles on AF1 recently and the NYT played it as if he was meekly seeking solace from them for his troubles for all of which of course he was to blame.
    To me they are all Jihadists of a sort and he should treat them as such. He is far too kind, something they will never be to him

  3. Obama used drones so the terrorists couldn't talk. His goal: to stop the rogue terrorist nation...of America.

  4. "From all that terror teaches,
    From lies of tongue and pen,
    From all the easy speeches
    That comfort cruel men,
    From sale and profanation
    Of honor and the sword,
    From sleep and from damnation,
    Deliver us, good Lord!"

    G. K. Chesterton

  5. If anybody cares to look them up, I think there must be half a hundred of more occurrences of my writing (since Trump showed up on the RADAR) that I was convinced that he would be an ideal President because he has built some BIG STUFF and can not have done it by himself. He had to be, I said, a man that would assemble a project oriented staff for a particular project, would insure that they had the resources for success, had a clear vision of the project, and then would get the hell out of the way so they could do it.

    1. ....must be half a hundred oR more occurrences.....

  6. Thank God Roosevelt delegated to Nimitz and Eisenhower and all the rest! "Here is my general, broad outlines for the next to six to eight months. What do you need to do that?"

    I don't know - do you want to win a war or a cable news cycle?

    What a relief to have someone who does delegate decisions down.


  7. Trump is a business man. When you're a business man and you hire experts to do a particular job...who is the idiot for not listening to their advice or allowing them to do said job?

  8. It is wonderful to see a president who is a bit tone deaf to the media and armchair generals on both sides of any issue. As a former large construction project field startup manager I know the pressure that exists to do/say what is PC and he is, as did I, resists it. On one project, because I played devil's advocate many times in meetings, was called Mr. Doom and Gloom. It cost me some jobs, but I am confident what I did was right.