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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

If Charlie Gard were American

The British government has sentenced Charlie Gard -- not yet one -- to death for the crime of being too expensive to live.

Imagine if an American hospital did what the British government is doing to Charlie Gard.

There would be outrage -- demands for the resignations or firings of hospital administrators who made this decision to put dollars before life.

Instead of backing the decision to kill Charlie Gard, the American courts would issue injunctions and other stays of executions for Charlie Gard.

Instead of ignoring his plight, the media and the rest of the Democratic Party machine would be using Charlie Gard to sell the American people on a single-payer health system.

Just like Britain has.

But Charlie Gard was born British.

And the money to spare his life is used to pay for cleaning the moats of Members of Parliament, and what not.

America is said to have the most expensive health system in the world.

We save babies like Charlie Gard.

England chooses to kill Charlie Gard.

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. In the meantime, our government is doing its best to ensure single payer insurance, so we can all enjoy the benefits of V.A. healthcare.

    1. Your typical liberal will tell you the problems with the VA are solely because they don't have enough money.

  2. Death Panels R England/SinglePayer.

  3. Spending other peoples money is a socialist crime ... except when it isnt'.

  4. Despite the liberals and RINOs in the uniparty'd best efforts we still have the best healthcare in the world. I pray it stays that way.

  5. There have been news reports that the NHS provides boob jobs to pre-teen girls and will soon do so for transgenders. So they need to save money where they can, such as by denying care to Charlie Gard.

    What I don't get is why the Tory government didn't intervene to allow him to come here for treatment.

    1. Because if his treatment here was successful, the NHS embarrassment would have been massive. Although, leftists are rarely embarrassed.

  6. The left has already succeeded in killing the unborn "Charlie Gard's". Charlie was one of the first to be "aborted" after birth. But, the time will come when babies, youth and seniors will be "aborted" if their healthcare is deemed too expensive.

  7. It's the bureaucratic hangover from Europe. Look up articles by Rath Foundation.

  8. Most of the world counts early labor deliveries with the baby dying as a miscarriage, we count it as a death. It's why you always hear our healthcare for pregnant women is worse than the rest of the world. We have the hospitals that rich people around the world go to for the best care.
    Obamacare will keep foreigners out. Guess not having Saudi princes in our hospitals is our price to pay.

  9. In America, his parents would most likely have private health insurance that covered him - and if they refused to pay it would be in breach of contract. Not only could the parents sue the insurance company, they'd almost certainly win.

    And, again, the outrage and bad press alone, in what's still a reasonably free country, would be sufficient to get the insurer to pay - because doing so would be far cheaper than what it would cost, in actual $$, for their loss of business due to the bad press if they did not.

    In fact, there have been many cases where insurers, or hospitals, have chosen to pay for extremely expensive treatments when they were not even under contractual obligations to do so - again, because doing so was simply good business.

    Now, when the government is paying, they simply will not. And they can't be shamed into doing so. Nor will the courts force them too, even when they are legally obligated to pay. And, of course, all Leftists will support the government over individual rights, or even the Life of a child, in every case.

    Government is their god.

  10. Obama defended allowing babies who survive abortion to die because it would go against the doctor's and woman's views and judgement.

    Same for Charlie. His life was not viewed worth enough to try and save. Moreover, it would go against the views of the doctors and bureaucrats and would most definitely be a laughingstock if he had successful treatment in the US.

    Instead, Charlie died because his condition worsened with no treatment trying to stop or lesson.

  11. The fact that Charlie's treatment would not have cost the British NHS one shilling destroys all arguments about limited resources. (I can easily imagine Trump sending his private jet to transfer the Gard family and McDonald House offering accommodation to the parents.)

    When the State has been given the power of God over life and death, it is always the most vulnerable, the weakest, the most isolated who become targets. That Charlie suffers from a very rare disease is telling -- imagine the outcry if the Death Panel had demanded the life of a baby with MD, CF, Tay-Sachs, or Downs. The outcry across Britain by the parents of such children would have been deafening.

    Imo, the UK healthcare is no better than that of the Nazis who once judged the right to live based on one's productive value to the State. Those told to go to the right were allowed to live as long as they could work while the useless -- too young, too old, too disabled -- were turned left, straight to the gas chambers.

    It is mind boggling that the same nation which once spread the principle of the rule of law around the globe has sunk to such amoral depths.

    "Rule Britannia" indeed.