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Saturday, July 08, 2017

An unforced error by the NYT

Sarah Palin is suing the New York Times editorial board for a false accusation in a June editorial -- accusation its own paper debunked years ago. That is proof even the Times editorial board members do not read their own paper.

Reporter Julie Hirschfeld Davis said hold my beer.

She might not be reading her own stories. As she writes them.

From her story a few days ago, "Trump Criticizes China as Meeting on North Korea Nears":
“Trade between China and North Korea grew almost 40% in the first quarter,” Mr. Trump said in one of the tweets on Wednesday. “So much for China working with us — but we had to give it a try!”
It was not clear where Mr. Trump garnered his 40 percent figure for growth in overall trade between China and North Korea. A South Korean group, the Korea International Trade Association, said on Monday that North Korea had exported as much iron to China in the first five months of 2017 as it did in all of 2016.
But the group also said that North Korea’s exports of coal to China remained frozen. Coal is the North’s most valuable commodity, and China cut off its coal imports this year. “North Korea still has some way to go before it recoups the loss of coal from its exports,” the group said.
China’s trade with the North grew 37.4 percent during the first three months of the year, compared with the same period in 2016, Chinese trade data released in April showed. China said the trade grew even as it stopped buying North Korean coal.
Hey, Davis, I think I solved the Scooby Doo mystery of where he got that “trade between China and North Korea grew almost 40% in the first quarter” figure.

Same place you did.

Either she did not read her copy and her copy editor (I think there are a few left at the Times after its massive layoff) did not read the copy, or Davis thought she could fool readers with her deceit.

We are witnessing the self-destruction of the news media in the United States. Newspapers are on a death spiral with the Times surviving only on the kindness of Mexican plutocrat Carlos Slim. CNN and MSNBC have devolved into college TV stations.

I am eating popcorn and enjoying the show.

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  1. College TV stations! Lovin' it!

    Anyway, if I'm reading this correctly, her own "report" contradicts the main point of her own"report." Although, to be fair, the contradiction was several full paragraphs away from her opening. And who can remember stuff for that long?

  2. Good news, CNN will be hosting a Poirot marathon until people forget what asses they are.

  3. Like she like writes this like stuff and like doesn't like read it yaknow. And like they like cut and like paste stuff like into this like article and like who like has time to like read this stuff yaknow.

    1. Ya mean the NYT is like hiring Valley Girls? Bitchin'!

  4. Obviously, she forgot to delete the "trade statistics" paragraph after she decided to turn this article into a Trump smear.

    She was so eager to rush the smear online that she forgot to check her own work.

  5. CNN has just hired a new investigative reporter: Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau.

    "Does your dog bite?"

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  7. I am eating popcorn and enjoying the show
    lol me too, i love politics
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