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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Congress moves to save Charlie Gard from the death panel

Charlie Gard is a baby that the British National Health Service sentenced to death because treating him would be too expensive.

This is the same country that puts in luxury homes (at taxpayer expense) its Islamists and their four wives imported from Pakistan and other anti-Western nations.

Our Congress may be inept, but as a collective body it still has a heart, and it granted Good Old Charlie Gard what amounts to status as a refugee from socialized medicine.

President Trump -- a very competent man - the best since Reagan -- already committed himself to helping Charlie get treatment in the nation with the best medical care in the world: our land.

From an embarrassed Daily Mail:
Charlie Gard is being given legal and permanent residence in the US by Congress in order to allow him to fly to America for treatment.
Jeff Fortenberry, Republican U.S. Representative for Nebraska, tweeted: 'We just passed amendment that grants permanent resident status to #CharlieGard and family so Charlie can get the medical treatment he needs.'  
It is the latest move by US lawmakers who are determined to keep up the pressure on Great Ormond Street doctors in the on-going international political row over the 11-month-old's medical care. 
How does the Queen with great-grandchildren of her own allow this to happen to one of her subjects without protest?

Does she not care?

Is she as heartless and headless as her government?

For shame. For bloody, rotten shame, Britain.

And then there is this:
But legal sources said Charlie is the subject of a High Court order and it made no difference what passport he held.
And last Friday, the judge made it clear it would be illegal for Charlie to travel to America without his permission.
The ghouls of government must kill Charlie Gard to set an example for all who dare defy its death panel.

Why not just pike his head in front of Buckingham Palace?

That is what they are doing.

Wanting a child to live is now an act of rebellion in the tattered remnants of the British Empire.

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  1. This could happen in the US if obamacare remains in place. The va has been secretly doing this for years.

  2. This is what single payer is all about. The government pays it all, the government decides what it will and will not pay for. Also, as a disabled veteran who deals with the VA Healthcare system I have had my suspicions. There seems to be an inordinate number of folks having "strokes" while under general anesthesia at the VA. - Elric

  3. Perhaps our Ambassador could send a vehicle to pick up the Gard family and take them to one of our airbases over there...

  4. "Our Congress may be inept, but as a collective body it still has a heart"

    As usuaual, congress is generous with other people's m oney.

    1. And this spends my and your money how? This is a status not ObamaCare coverage. They have around $1,000,000 raised to try and save the baby. This is a very good example of the so called death panels people fear under single payer.
      At my age in Germany, under their national insurance system which is the oldest in Europe, I could not get a heart bypass if I needed one according to a friend whose brother is a doctor there. That would be because at 72 I am a taker of benefits not a contributing member of society. In the Netherlands adults are been euthanized who are mentally deficient/disabled with little chance of recovery.

    2. Most, if not all, of his medical treatment will be either free of charge or paid for with private donations.
      But even if the whole bill went to the US Treasury, I'd rather have my money spent to save a baby than to have it aborted.

    3. amr: A similar thing happened to my ex. He was a retired Royal Army officer with 3 MiD's. He served his country, he worked for decades paying the high British taxes to fund the NHS and been healthy up until the time he was 62. That was when he was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve diusorder -- one that if caught early (it was) and treated (it wasn't) had a 80%+ survival rate. The NHS told him t(in essence, I can't remember the exact wording of the letter) "Seeing as he would never be able to contribute enough into the system to repay the cost of treating the disease that they were declining to authorize treatment." They sent him to pain management and he died 2 years later.

      Socialized medicine has one goal -- to enrich the government employees who run it.