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Monday, July 31, 2017

CNN still does not understand Trump

CNN's Fareed Zakaria promoted his special, "Why Trump Won," on CNN this morning.

He still does not get what voters see in President Trump. Nearly nine months after the election.

Or maybe someone else did. Zakaria is a prolific plagiarist.
ZAKARIA: I think there are a few key moments in his life.The first is he began to realize the power of celebrity and the -- and the value of celebrity. I mean, you know, "The Apprentice," for a while, not as maybe long as he says, was the number one show. There were 28 million people watching it.
I think that made him realize my God, this is powerful stuff. That's when he really gets out of the real estate business and goes into the branding business.
But then he also starts feeling the currents of America in very much an intuitive way -- I don't think he had any articulated sense -- and he began to feel a few things.
The anger -- the anger against politicians. Remember, he runs on the Reform Party -- he tries to run on the Reform Party ticket for a while and then he begins to see the toxic energy on the far right.
Remember, his first political moves are birtherism.
"Toxic energy on the far right."

How about the riots, lootings, and assaults by the violent left?

But I am not going to argue with him.

Zakaria then gave the racist argument that because Obama was black any criticism of him was racist.
ZAKARIA: And he [Trump] knew that the election of a black president had stirred a kind of ugly racial animus among some people -- probably a small subset -- but he knew a way to get directly to them.
So all of it combined and it was a man who met his moment. At the point at which Donald Trump is elected is literally the low point in trust for politicians in Washington. It's a 50-year low and that's when Donald Trump, you know -- so he got his timing right, which all great performers need.
It's a 50-year low because the politicians -- and the servile media class -- failed America.

Just simply failed.
ZAKARIA: I think the part of it that I was impressed by in doing the research for this is we know about the economics. We know about the hollowed out factories and the -- and the coal mines. And what I was struck by was the other two factors. So that's if you want capitalism.
LOL. Capitalism made the Plagiarist a multi-millionaire.
ZAKARIA: The other factor is culture. A real sense of cultural alienation that the older white, non-college educated Americans have the sense that their country is changing because of immigrants. Because maybe blacks are getting -- rising up to a kind of central place in society. Because of, you know, gays being afforded equal rights. Because of, frankly, a lot of working women.
You know, everybody is sort muscling in on the territory that if you think about it, the white working man had. And the final one is class -- social class. We don't talk about it a lot but the election of Donald Trump is really a kind of class rebellion against people like us. You know, educated professionals who live in cities who have, you know, cosmopolitan views about a lot of things.
And I think there's a whole part of America that is sick and tired of being told what to do by this, you know, over-educated, professional elite that Hillary Clinton, in many ways, perfectly represented, and that's why they're sticking with him.
Again I laugh.

Black people who voted for Obama were not racists.

White people who voted for Hillary were not racist.

But somehow white people who voted for Donald Trump are racists???


Zakaria represents all that is wrong with CNN, Washington, and Hollywood.

He sees people by their color, their education credentials, and the like.

I agree that this is a class rebellion.

One between the ruling class that is desperately trying to hang on to power -- and the working class whom the rulers let down.

If the "over-educated, professional elite" are smart, they will endure eight years of Trump like a previous generation of "over-educated, professional elites" endured Reagan.

But as Zakaria showed through his ignorance and prejudices, today's elitists are just not bright enough to understand the need to correct the course from time to time.

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. Zakaria never has known much outside the dc cocktail party circuit, and the urban corridor that runs up to New York. The guy doesn't get out much and he ain't that good. Textbook affirmative action lightweight and wanker.

  2. Pretty lazy analysis that says nothing that hasn't already been said on the part of someone already know to be a plagiarist. Ooh. Was that racist? Maybe if using a race card is OK for some people to use, it's OK for anyone to use, because we're all the same, are we not? Or is it OK to notice racial differences in some instances and not others; and by some people and not others? Gee. If it's OK to notice that Zakaria is a plagiarist, is it OK to notice that MLK was, too? Where will it all end?
    The libs opened this Pandora's can of worms and now they can't put Jack back in the box.

  3. Michael Moore was spot on as to why Trump won. What people forget is that Moore also said that those same people will also be sorely (times 10) let down when Trump fails to deliver. But maybe Trump won't, he just picked a general to be his chief of staff who is close friends with Comey.
    See you all at Trump's "Cheer Me Up" rally in Huntington Thursday.

  4. Zakaria translates into English as "bull$hit".

  5. The media will NEVER understand Trump. They will never understand him because they are all convinced that they already do understand him.

  6. "A real sense of cultural alienation that the older white, non-college educated Americans have the sense that their country is changing because of immigrants." That's me, a 72 year old college drop out, so when a progressive told me that we have to change our culture to make it easier for immigrants, I knew I was a racist. /sarc

  7. "It's a 50-year low because the politicians -- and the servile media class -- failed America."

    They failed America because they were concentrating on doing well for themselves.
    "Devil take the hindmost", and we were and are the hindmost.

  8. Is the ink on his citizenship papers dry yet?

  9. Zakaria considers himself a "professional"? Could his smugness be any more nauseating.

  10. Wow. That Zucchini guy is a dip.